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Accurate Attendance for our Scholars

Accurate Attendance for Your Scholar

Please Note:

  1. Scholars need to refresh their sign-in to daily.  Many scholars are using persistent connections and therefore a new sign-in is not captured each day.
  2. Scholars should sign-in to even if they are using the Canvas Student application.  Engagement, serving as the proxy for attendance, is being gauged by signing in to the LaunchPad.
  3. Scholars should never use  We are now blocking direct access to force signing-in through
  4. Online learning began March 30, 2020 as a result of school closures to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The Student Services Department has adapted the content of this page to help guide scholars and parents through ensuring they are counted each school day.
  5. How are students counted as “engaged” for a school day?  Each school day requires a fresh login at where users will be routed to the Clever Portal.
  6. If scholars are logged in from a previous day, it is important to click on the name at the top right of the screen to log out, then login in again to register a fresh count for the day.


  1. Is my child marked absent if a “fresh” login was not recorded through the Clever Portal?  No. A new attendance code has been created to identify students that did not have a new login for a school day.
  2. Scholars will be identified as missing a verified login. This code does NOT represent an absence. The new attendance code allows schools to identify scholars that are consistently identified without a login. Our goal is to connect 100% of our scholars to online learning.
  3. Do parents need to report an excuse if there was a call about their child not logging in the previous day?  Parents do not have to report a singular missed login for the school to change the code. The “no login” code is not counted as an absence and will not count against a scholar.
  4. The reminder call for scholar logins is to help ensure that all scholars are accessing the online learning environment and that they are counted by the Clever Portal each school day. Other apps within Clever (like Canvas or D2L) do not have the same ability to report scholar logins.
  5. Parents of scholars that are not able to connect to the learning environment should call the school to find out what assistance can be offered to ensure their scholar has an opportunity to learn.