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Course Selection Cards

Directions - Students Completing Course Selection Cards due December 11th, 2020


  1. Download course selection card for next year’s grade level (ex. If you are a freshman, you will download the 10th grade course selection card) to your computer. (10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade)
  2. Current 8th Graders will select the course cards for 9th grade. (9th Grade, 9th Grade Electives)
  3. Put an “X” by the courses you are selecting (the form should be a fillable PDF) in the area by “Teacher Signature.”
  4. For your electives, type in the course number and course name in the order of preference. (Electives)
  5. Make sure to complete all sections of information from top and bottom.
  6. The student and the parent may electronically sign the document.
  7. Then save your document as follows (for grade level, use current grade level):
    1. Last name_First name_grade level
    2. Smith_John_10th grade
  8. E-mail your saved document to your grade level counselor:
    1. Rising 9th Graders Class of 2025 (Current 8th  Graders) will email
    2. Rising 10th Graders Class of 2024 (Current Freshmen) will email to
    3. Rising 11th Graders  Class of 2023 (Current Sophomores) will email to
    4. Rising 12th Graders Class of 2022 (Current Juniors) will email to
    5. AICE students will email theirs to
  9. Guidance counselors will schedule classroom visits to discuss your course selection for the next school year.
  10. If you are looking for an AP or Honors course, must seek the advice of your current teacher first then discuss with grade level counselor during scheduled meeting.