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Attendance & Back To School Updates - 2020

Important District Information: Academics FAQ for Parents and Guardians click Here. Important District Information: Exceptional Student Education FAQ for Parents and Guardians click Here.

Policy 5.5: Attendance was revised November 17,2020 at the Special School Board Meeting.  Distance Learning for Emergency School Closures is included in the policy to adapt to our needs to teach students remotely during COVID-19 pandemic.  

     Section VIII, paragraph A2: 

      2. During distance learning, the use of student cameras is required for attendance and instruction.  Students will be counted in attendance in the learning environment during their scheduled class time.  Teachers should be flexible and consider any extenuating circumstances of individual students who may be unable to turn on a camera.  Teachers may consider other evidence of attendace for individual cases. 

For more information regarding this please Click Here


Dear Parents/Guardians, 


*If you wish for your child to complete their eLearning on campus, you should have completed the survey last week.  If you did not complete the survey and wish for your child to participate in eLearning on campus, please call the school at 754-323-6250.  If you did not complete the survey and you do not call the school, your child will continue to do their eLearning from home. 



We are looking forward to welcoming our students who opted for on-campus eLearning! Please remember to bring the following supplies everyday: 

  • Laptop
  • Charger
  • Headphones
  • Any other school supplies you have already been using for your classes (i.e.. manipulatives etc.)

In addition to adhering to CDC guidelines, face coverings are mandatory for all persons on campus.  Students are expected to comply with the rules and regulations put into place for a safe return to campus.


Maria Elena Menedez, Principal Hollywood Park Elementary School



Hollywood Park