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Parent's Right to Review



Chapter 1003.42(5), Florida Statutes, requires that a link for parents to access and review the instructional materials used to teach reproductive health or any disease, including HIV/AIDS, its symptoms, development, and treatment be posted on the District’s website. Below is the link for parents to access the Scope and Sequence for the curriculum. Additionally, instructions for parents to review the full curriculum are contained on this page and will be sent in a district-wide Parent Link.

To comply with copyright requirements, if you would like to review the full sexual health curriculum, they must visit a school and view a hard copy on-site. Because this is a copyrighted curriculum, parents are not permitted to make copies or take pictures of any content. To facilitate this onsite review process, a hard copy of the current Sexual Health Curriculum for the grade levels in your school will be delivered via pony beginning on April 6, 2023.