Within our school, music education provides the tools needed so that students can not only master the art of music-making, they can also become creators of feelings and emotions.  Mastering the art of music-making also benefits physical and cognitive development.  Dexterity and coordination are necessary skills developed to perform on a musical instrument, and the act of learning and reading music develops the same skills needed to learn a foreign language and to comprehend high order academic subjects.

Chorus and Music

The student will learn to sing using solfege and other vocal techniques such as breathing, diction, vocal projection, stage directions, and basic dance movements.  All show choir students will be exposed to different styles of choral literature such as multi-cultural, Broadway, contemporary and classical.  All show choir students are eligible to attend field trips and/or perform at school and throughout Broward County.  This program is offered as a major or minor class in grades 4-5.
Piano Keyboard The piano curriculum allows students to experience the Yamaha keyboard lab.  They learn to play, discuss and listen to musical compositions (beginning to advanced levels) using the new concept of individual and group activities.  Our school has a sound and music studio where students learn to write, record and produce songs through high-tech audio and video equipment.  Music students will be eligible to attend field trips and have been winners at the All-American Music Festival in Orlando, Florida.