Rainy Day Dismissal Procedures

Car Riders:

1.     Car Riders will be housed in the buildings and loaded into the cars as the cars move through the car line. 

2.     Please display your child’s name in the front window in order to assist with getting your child to you as quickly as possible.

3.     Please be patient as car line will move slowly during inclement weather.

4.     Students will only be dismissed to a parent in their car.

Bus Riders:

1.     Bus riders will be loaded onto their bus at dismissal.

2.     Please be sure to meet them at their bus stop.

Aftercare Buses:

1.     Aftercare buses will be loaded at dismissal based on the order that the buses arrive.

Walkers/Bike Riders:

1.     Walkers and Bike Riders will be held at the school until the inclement weather has passed.

2.     If you meet your child to walk home with them, please understand that for safety purposes we CAN NOT let them out of the building until the weather is clear.

*No Parent(s) will be allowed to enter campus.