Miramar High School Runner-Up at Envirothon

Miramar High School won runner-up at the annual SE Regional Envirothon Competition last February 20, 2019, at Markham Park and will represent Broward County at the state level Envirothon. Students were tested in five universal categories: Aquatic Ecology - Water ecology, water chemistry, plants and animals living in or around water, water quality, water conservation, etc. Current Environmental Issue - A topic selected annually by the Regional or State or Envirothon Planning Committees. Most years the Regional and Florida Envirothon Committees select the same topic as the National Committee. Forestry - Forest ecology, tree identification, insects, diseases, timber measurements, forest management, urban forestry, forest economics, etc. Soil & Land Use - Classification, soil formation, basic chemical and physical properties, profiles, soil characteristics, soil surveys, site suitability, erosion, land use, conservation practices, etc. Wildlife - Identification, habitat, foods, diseases, rules and regulations, management, invasives, etc.