Purpose Of Army JROTC

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JROTC prepares high school students for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of the benefits of citizenship. The results are responsible cadets who are sure of themselves, can think on their own, and can express their ideas and opinions clearly and concisely.
Leadership and training goals are for cadets to:
1. Graduate from high school.
2. Be good citizens by knowing and exercising the rights, responsibilities, privileges, and freedoms of good citizenship.
3. Gain leadership potential and the ability to live and work cooperatively with others; demonstrate leadership in situations involving conflict resolution.
4. Achieve positive self-esteem and winning behavioral concepts in a culturally diverse society.
5. Learn the ability to think logically and to communicate effectively, with emphasis on effective oral communication.
6. Learn the importance of diet and of physical fitness in maintaining good health and appearance.
7. Gain an understanding of the history, purpose, and structure of Army JROTC.
8. Acquire proficiency in basic military skills (such as drill and ceremonies, first aid, and map reading) that are necessary for working effectively as a member of a team.
9. Learn the importance of citizenship through American history as it relates to America's culture and future from the Revolutionary war to the present.
10. Learn about the dangers of substance abuse and the importance of mental management, including goal setting and positive self-talk.