School Programs

  • AM/PM

    The AM/PM program is a language-based half-day, classroom experience that provides age-appropriate experiences to enhance vocabulary development, question answering/asking skills, social use of language and pre-academic concept development. It has a reading readiness curriculum that places a strong emphasis on sound/letter recognition and pre-literacy skills. Newly acquired vocabulary for descriptive, spatial, qualitative and quantitative concept development, are practiced through receptive and expressive modalities. For those children who have speech deficits, the program enhances phonemic awareness by teaching sound/letter discrimination. The program also provides daily therapy sessions that target the student’s specific needs. For example, a phonologically disordered student might receive sessions of Auditory Bombardment, in conjunction with guided therapy to practice correct sound production.

    Autism Cluster

    The Autism Cluster assists students with Autism who have difficulty in communicating and relating to others. There are four self-contained classes as well as supported classes. Just as with other exceptionalities, students are integrated into regular classrooms according to their needs and abilities.


    The Gifted Program is available for qualifying students to receive special instruction based on their individual educational plan and their interest and abilities.

    Language Learning Disabled

    The Language Learning Disabled (LLD) class provides students academic and speech/language instruction.

    Occupational and Physical Therapy

    Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) are available on an itinerant basis to provide services based on students’ Individual Educational Plans.

    Preschool Exceptional Student Education

    Preschool Exceptional Student Education classes are also available for preschool children needing special services.


    Speech classes are available for students requiring special attention with articulation and/or language development.

    Varying Exceptionalities

    The Varying Exceptionalities class is for students diagnosed with a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) or other exceptionality to receive additional academic assistance.