Principal's Message



    Happy New Year families! I am excited to usher in the 2024-2025 school year.  We closed out last school year with a bang! We celebrated all scholars at our end of year ceremonies and at our end of the year carnival. We will continue the goal of excellence, academic proficiency, and meeting each and every need of our scholars and families. 

    Our accomplishments for the 2023-2024 school year are below. 

    1. English Language Arts  

    Grades K-2  

    • Proficiency - 42% 

    Grades 3-5  

    • Proficiency – 33% 

    • Learning Gains 55% 

    • Lowest Quartile - 61 

    1. Math 

    Grades K-2 

    • 46% 

    Grades 3-5 

    • Proficiency 44% 

    • Learning Gains –52% 

    • Lowest Quartile Learning Gains 61% 

    1. Science 

    • Proficiency 29% 

    Though we did not meet all our academic proficiency goals, our scholars made tremendous growth, as evidenced by our Learning Gains and Lowest Quartile Learning Gains. Though we will be assigned a school grade, there are many things a “test” or “grade” does not reflect. It does not reflect the concerted effort by staff and students, it does not reflect the culture of learning and love our school has established, nor does it reflect the unwavering support of our families and community. 

    Our school theme this year is; Learning Without Limits. Ready, Set, Soar! I am confident that our scholars will continue to soar to even greater heights this year! I encourage you to continue to be involved, support learning, and communicate often with your child’s teacher. Get involved! Register to be a volunteer, join our Parent Teacher Association, attend parent nights, and most important, share with your friends, families, and neighbors, the amazing things happening at Royal Palm. 


    Our Parent Resource Center is ready to meet the needs of our families. Need to fill out a job application online? Pay for Field Trips or meals? Need to print resources? Fax? Stop by and use the devices available to our families. Our team of Community Liaison, Social Worker, and School Counselor are available to recommend services and provide support. Feel free to stop by and utilize the resources. 

    Royal Palm is a Unified Dress school and scholars must be in uniform every day. Periodic uniform checks will be conducted and parents notified of any infractions. In keeping the spirit of academic excellence, I am encouraging all scholars to wear their uniforms. Scholars out of uniform will receive a warning first, and then a referral to the school’s Social Worker, who will provide assistance 

    Should you need assistance with uniforms, please contact Ms. Mair-Jones, the school’s Social Worker at (754)322 – 8350. 


    Tops: Hunter Green Goldenrod White or Navy Collared Polo  

    Bottoms: Khaki, Black, or Navy Blue Skorts, shorts, pants  


    As always, I am here to serve, support, and advocate for our scholars and families. Should you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, I encourage you to see me first. Many solutions can be solved at the school site, by speaking to, seeing or meeting with me. I ask that you allow me to address your concerns at the school site first. I am not only your school principal, but I am also a parent. Therefore, I know the challenges and concerns that arise having a child in school. My goal is to provide you with excellent customer service, centered around a “parent-centered” delivery. 

    Here to serve, 


    Ms. Marie Rumble 

    Proud Principal