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    Greetings RPE Families,

    I hope all is well with you and your loved ones. My name is Mr. Darby and I am the proud principal at Royal Palm Elementary. In closing out the 2019 - 2020 school year I can say it was a challenge that we have never experienced before. Within a week the educational setting was transformed from instruction within the school building to online instruction. This pivot presented a challenge for teachers, students, and families. The transition to online instruction and the threat of the Coronavirus was not the only challenge our scholars faced, but also witnessing police brutality resulting in the death of George Floyd. I'm certain that visual alone left students with a lot of unanswered questions. Those questions were multiplied when scholars saw peaceful and at times unruly protest. All of this took place while students and teachers did their best to focus on academics. Hopefully, our students were involved in some dialogue that allowed them to express their feelings and have their questions answered.

    In knowing what the scholars have endured over the last 5 months we want to ensure we are addressing their social-emotional needs. This means the 2020 -2021 school year will be more interpersonal than ever. To address social-emotional needs, all scholars will participate in daily mindfulness activities. Mindfulness is a type of mediation in which you focus on breathing methods and other practices to relax and reduce stress, increase focus, empathy as well as respect.

    In addition to addressing social-emotional needs, RPE will ensure the implementation of practices that ensure equity. As the principal, I believe our scholars will flourish if we meet their individual needs. Our staff is committed to ensuring equity and providing the levels of support necessary to ensure increased academic success.

    As stated previously,  we are excited about the 2020-2021 school year. We will build on our years of academic success which shows an increase in proficiency in reading, math, and writing. This success is the result of a dedicated staff who believes in our scholars and supportive parents/ guardians. As a staff, we will are committed to ensuring academic excellence and ask for your continued support. In knowing that parents/guardians are our students first teacher I ask the following to shift their mindset to academics:

    • Please ensure your child arrives at school on time ready to learn

    • Please get involved when your child is completing homework.

    • Ask them to explain what they are doing.

    • Ask them challenging questions.

    • Designate an area in your home for studying, reading, and homework.

    • Build their self-esteem by speaking words of encouragement to your child.

    • Be your child's biggest cheerleader especially when they are having difficult times.

    Please stay in constant communication with your child’s teacher. Class Dojo is a great app to foster great communication. Often scholars perform better when a positive relationship is established between the teacher and the parents.

    On behalf of the RPE family, I thank you for trusting us to provide a quality education for your child centered around our core values and beliefs.

    • RPE educates while promoting an environment of high expectations.

    • RPE believes excellence is the standard.

    • RPE believes nothing (in terms of education) is more important than learning.

    • RPE promotes KINDNESS to self-scholars-staff, and school.

    Let's make the 20-21 the best school year yet.

    At RPE we are Virtually Unstoppable!



    Principal Darby