Music presents an avenue for creative development and growth while building upon characteristics such as commitment, discipline and patience. With the aim to develop students’ awareness and appreciativeness of music, this course is geared to students being able to gain: 

    • An understanding of the fundamental building blocks of music and musical performance, which are key to achieving and/or executing a pleasing and expressive musical performance; 
    • An understanding of the basic elements of music: tone, melody, rhythm, harmony, expectation and gratification, and musical form; 
    • The ability to perform self-assessments in order to foster growth in both musical ability and performance; 
    • An appreciation and understanding of quality of the various genres of music and its performance; and 
    •  An understanding and make connections between historical, social, cultural events of music while engaging in critical and creative thinking fostered through reflection, both written and oral. 



    Courses Offered  

    BAND I & II: The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the foundation of instrumental music education which includes learning the introductory skills for playing an instrument and the fundamental concepts of music notation. Students will have the opportunity to choose and learn a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument and continue with that selected instrument in a group setting.

    CHOIR: This course is designed for students who enjoy singing and/or would like to explore their interest in music through singing. Students will learn how to develop technical skills in the choral setting while placing emphasis on developing skills in reading music notation, music theory and composition.

    DRUMLINE: Drumline Class is designed for continuing instruction in technique on marching percussion instruments, reinforcement of ear training skills, interpretive skills, and musical knowledge. Students will have an opportunity to play the various drumline instruments such as snare, tenor, bass drum, and cymbals.

    GENERAL MUSIC THEORY: This course develops the understanding of the elements, materials, and structures of music. It provides instruction in the fundamentals of pitch and duration, notation, major and minor keys and scales, intervals, the major triads, and musical construction. Methods of instruction include ear training and dictation, sight singing, analysis, composition, and arranging.

    INTRO TO BAND: This course combines music and performing as students learn how to play the recorder in preparation for instrumental music (BAND I). Student instruction includes learning about the musical staff, how to read notes and rhythms, and then how to transfer this knowledge to the recorder while reinforcing fundamentals of melody, pitch, rhythm, ear-training and improvisation.

    PIANO METHODS: This course provides a comprehensive introduction to piano for students who have little to no experience. Student lessons will focus on piano basics; learning to read notes, read rhythms, play scales, play basic chords and other tools essential to play any style of music.