• Lauderhill Band



    Music presents an avenue for creative development and growth while building upon characteristics such as commitment, discipline and patience. With the aim to develop students’ awareness and appreciativeness of music, this course is geared to students being able to gain: 

    • An understanding of the fundamental building blocks of music and musical performance, which are key to achieving and/or executing a pleasing and expressive musical performance; 
    • An understanding of the basic elements of music: tone, melody, rhythm, harmony, expectation and gratification, and musical form; 
    • The ability to perform self-assessments in order to foster growth in both musical ability and performance; 
    • An appreciation and understanding of quality of the various genres of music and its performance; and 
    •  An understanding and make connections between historical, social, cultural events of music while engaging in critical and creative thinking fostered through reflection, both written and oral.