Food and Nutrition - Power Up

  • The Food and Nutrition Services Department is committed to providing our students with well-balanced nutritious meals to support student achievement.  Our focus is to aid student learning by educating and serving meals that reinforce lifelong healthy lifestyles.  We encourage our students to POWER-UP with school breakfast, at no charge for all students, and school lunch which provides students the energy they need to learn and grow.

    Our Food and Nutrition Services Cafeteria offers a variety and well-balanced nutritious meals at a low cost. School lunches provide an assortment of foods including daily entree salads and fresh fruit.  School meals are healthy, meeting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. By choosing lunch at school, students learn to make healthy choices, reinforcing nutrition education taught in the classroom. Delicious breakfasts are served daily in all Broward County Public schools.

  • Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) Schools

    Students who attend a school that participates in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) are eligible for breakfast and lunch at no charge. Parents do not need to complete an application to qualify for meals

    CEP School List - purple bar

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  • Non-Community Eligibility Provision (Non-CEP) Schools 

    Students who attend a Non-Community Eligibility Provision (Non-CEP) School must complete a Meal Benefits application for the 2022-2023 school year at MySchoolApps.  Students will receive lunch meals at the determined eligibility. Universal Free Breakfast is still offered at no charge to the students at the Non-CEP Schools.

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  • You May Qualify for Additional Programs

    Discounts on Before and After School Care Programs, fee waivers for SAT/ACT/PSAT exams, waivers for college application fees, discounts on internet services and other benefits.

    Meal Benefits Disclosure Form

    To save you time and effort, the information you provide on your Multi-Child Meal Benefits Application, Eligibility Status, may be shared with other programs for which your children may qualify. For additional information, follow the link Meal Benefits Disclosure Form for more information. 

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  • CEP Schools:  Students may qualify for additional programs by completing the Income Survey Form and the Meal Benefits Disclosure Form.  

    Non-CEP Schools:  Students may qualify for additional programs by completing the Meal Benefits Application and the Meal Benefits Disclosure Form.  

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  • Meal Benefits Parent Information Letter 

    The Parent Information Letter is available in English, Espanol, Kreyol and Portuguese.

    Download the 2022-2023 Meal Benefits Parent Information Letter in English, Espanol, Kreyol and Portuguese here.

    National Supply Chain Disruptions

    Some products are in limited quantities or out of stock.  This can result in menu changes.  We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.  

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