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    As we continue to work with our students to prepare them for upcoming tests and schoolwork, we must keep in mind that our students are faced with numerous issues that may interfere with his or her best performance.  One area of concern to address is listed below.  


    Topic:  Bullying

    Bullying-when someone of any age hurts or frightens another person of any age on purpose and repeatedly.

      Our school has not been faced with a large number of bullying incidents, but we certainly do not want any incidences. We want our students to be safe, successful, and free to learn, make friends, and achieve.

     Here are some tips for parents on how to handle a bullying situation:

    1. Intervene immediately to stop the bullying behavior. It is not just “boy” or “girl”  behavior.
    2. Talk to the bully and the victim separately.
    3. Remind the bully about what behavior is expected and discuss consequences that will be imposed for future bullying behavior.
    4. Reassure the victim that everything possible will be done to prevent a recurrence.
    5. Make everyone involved aware of the consequences of the bullying behavior.


    Helpful Parent Websites:

    Below is a list of websites that parents may find helpful:

    Provides recommendations and ideas to help talk to your child about divorce, as well as helping your child cope with the effects of divorcing parents.

    Helpful tips for parents to help their child through a bullying situation, and resources for parents to use to in helping their child through this issue.

    Ideas, resources and helpful tips for parents to help prepare their child for the start of Kindergarten.

    Broward County Public Schools’ own website for prevention resources, articles and helpful tips for parents to handle some of the struggles our students face at school.