Cafeteria Information

  • Applying for Free/Reduced Lunch

    The link to apply for meals can be found on the home page of this website. Please do so as soon as you can so your child/children may be prepared for the first day of school if eligible. Your eligibility will be emailed to you or you may receive a message through our ParentLink System.

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    Breakfast is served each day from 7:30AM until 7:50AM. This allows time for a student to get his/her breakfast and get to class on time. A hot lunch is also served daily. Milk is served with each lunch. Milk may be purchased separately. If a student is not permitted to drink milk, he or she may be served soy milk if a prescription from a doctor is sent to Mrs. Anderson, the Cafeteria Manager. Three (3) days of meal charges are permitted and a child must repay before another meal can be charged.

    Lunch Number

    We are using a computerized number system. Each child receives a number, which they punch in at the register. The number remains the same throughout their enrollment in Broward County Schools. Please help your child memorize the number as it helps the speed of the lunch serving line.

    You are now able to make payments online for your child's/children meals. Please go to BCPS Online Payments

    Sending In Payments

    You may also send in prepaid monies that must be enclosed in an envelope with the child’s name, assigned lunch number, teacher’s name, and the amount of money enclosed written on the outside of the envelope. If you are paying by check, all checks must include the assigned lunch number and the parent’s home phone number on the face of the check.


    • Full Priced Lunch $2.00
    • Reduced Lunch $ .40
    • Milk Only $.50
    • Breakfast - Free for all students
    • Ice Cream (Wednesday's) $.65 & Frozen Ice Treat (Friday's) $.50


    All students will have 30 minutes for lunch. We operate a closed campus, which means that all students remain on campus during their lunch period.

    Cokes or other drinks requiring bottles or cans are not recommended in the cafeteria. Students are not allowed to use the machines in the teachers’ lounge or the cafeteria. We ask that when you pack your child’s lunch that you remember to put in all the necessary utensils. The cafeteria is not permitted to supply napkins and utensils to students who have not purchased lunch.

    Please teach your child how to open the things you send in their lunch. Try to use this rule: If your child cannot open it, do not send it!


    The cafeteria is a place where good manners and social skills should be developed and practiced. Each student is expected to practice the rules of good behavior they use at home with their family. Some simple rules of courteous behavior that make the lunch period pleasant and relaxed are:

    1. Observing good dining room manners at the table
    2. Leaving the table and surrounding area clean and orderly
    3. Properly disposing of trash
    4. Using “quiet” voices
    5. Lining up quietly

    Birthday Recognitions

    Birthdays may be recognized during your child’s lunch time in the cafeteria. A store bought item such as cupcakes or cookies may be provided to child's class where it will be distributed during their lunch time. Balloons, clowns, hats, face painting, etc. are not permitted.
    Note: Birthday recognitions may not be scheduled during instructional class times. A birthday recognition as described above may be conducted during snack time or be part of an approved holiday party.


    When sending food items to school for children other than your own, these items MUST be store bought. Home-baked items are not allowed per county policy and will be sent home.


    1. According to the Federal Food Program Guidelines, what constitutes a complete lunch.
      1 serving of meat/meat alternate. Minimum of 1 serving of vegetables or fruit. 1 bread or bread alternate. 1 serving of milk. Students must choose 3 out of the 5 items to be counted as a lunch otherwise it will be charged at ala carte prices.
    2. May my child purchase additional food items and how much do they cost?
      Yes. Your child may purchase items as long as they have purchased a lunch or brought a bag lunch from home.
      1. A La Carte Student Price List
        Apple & Eve Juice $ .75
        Juice Bar $ .50 (Friday's Only)
        PopTart $ .50
        Cheese String $ .50
        Ice Cream $ .65 (Wednesday's Only)
        Mini Pretzel $ .60
        Water (8 oz) $ .50
        Saltine Crackers $ .55
        Graham Crackers $ .50
        Cheese It's $ .50
        Gold Fish $ .50
        Sunflower Seeds $ .50
    3. What if you do not wish for your child to buy other items?
      Please contact the cafeteria and they will put a block on the student's account.
    4. How do I know what my child is buying?
      Activity can be seen on My School Bucks once you have set up an account or you may request a print out of your child's purchases. Items purchased in the cafeteria, must be consumed in the cafeteria at lunch.
    5. If my child does not have money for lunch, what can he/she do?
      Students may charge up to three (3) meals and pay it back. If students have already charged three (3) meals and have no money in their account, students will be provided a cheese sandwich and milk or a fruit cup. This is funded by the PTO.