• Thank you for making Broward County Public Schools your choice in education. 

    BCPS is committed to providing high-quality, rigorous learning opportunities for all students. Among the many options offered by BCPS:

    • Magnet and innovative programs designed around specific themes
    • Montessori programs
    • Career and technical education programs allowing students to earn industry certifications
    • Advanced academics
    • Opportunities to earn college credits while in high school
    • Virtual education
    • Award-winning music, arts, and athletic programs

    Browse this section to find helpful information about our school.

  • Announcements and Notices

    A monthly newsletter, the Bear Facts, is put online each month. We also have hardcopies for students without a computer. The newsletter is intended to inform parents of specific announcements and information.

    Please read all the notices that are sent home and return them when asked to do so. Send money (particularly for younger students) in a sealed envelope, labeled with your child’s name, teacher’s name, and stating what purpose the money should be used for such as school pictures, field trips, etc. Please check for our School Newsletters online.

    Our Parent Link automatic telephone system will be used as needed to communicate important messages and notices.

  • Field Trips

    Field trips are planned on an individual class grade or group basis and approved by the Principal. Each student who participates in a field trip activity pays his or her individual share of the cost. The total cost for the trip is calculated on the basis of the number of students participating.

    For each field trip, the teacher and the bookkeeper will establish a procedure for collecting payments. The assigned deadline will be strictly adhered to, so please be prompt with your payment. Field trip money is non-refundable. To chaperone field trips, parents must complete their volunteer paperwork at least two weeks prior to the field trip. All chaperones must be Level 1 approved under the Jessica Lunsford Act of 2005. A selection process is used to fairly choose chaperones.

  • Parent Meetings and Leadership Groups

    We have the following very active parent groups: the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), the School Advisory Forum (SAF), and the School Advisory Council (SAC), all of which conduct activities that benefit the school. If you want to contact a parent group or if you are interested in joining one, call the school for further information and attend the meetings.

    School Advisory Forum, PTA, and the School Advisory Council meet regularly each month in the Media Center as noted on the calendars. You are encouraged to get involved. Learn more about SAC and SAF.

    Additional parent meetings of various groups will be called during the year as the need arises and you will be notified as to the time and place.

  • Parties and Birthdays

    Classroom parties are held three times during the school year: A fall festival party at the end of October, a winter holiday party before winter break, and an end of the school year celebration.


    If you wish to send in a treat for the class to share on your child’s birthday, you may only bring store-bought items such as cookies, cupcakes, or donut holes. They will be passed out in the cafeteria. It is not permitted to bring drinks, balloons, cakes, games or toys. Also, please do not plan on taking pictures, not all children are allowed to be photographed.

  • Visitors

    All visitors and parents are welcome and encouraged to visit the school. Florida law requires that all visitors report to the front office, state the nature of their visit, and obtain a visitor’s pass. No one is permitted to enter the building without a pass.

    Students not registered at Cooper City Elementary may not visit the school during class time.

    We observe No Smoking on school grounds, so please extinguish cigarettes prior to leaving your car or arriving on campus.

    Unexpected or extended visits to classes are not permitted. All classroom visits must be pre-arranged and have teacher and administration approval.

    Learn more about our School Rules.

  • Volunteers

    The service of parent volunteers is an integral part of the school program and assistance is always welcome. There is a staff and a parent coordinator who will forward information to you regarding participation in our volunteer program. It is mandatory that every school year, all volunteers register with the district program before beginning volunteer work in the school. Complete your Volunteer Application online. Approval takes 2 to 3 days. All volunteer applications will be screened according to the guidelines established under the Jessica Lunsford Act of 2005.

    Learn more about Volunteer Services.