Schedule / Program

  • School Day Schedule

    8:00 AM to 2:00 PM - School hours

    7:30 AM - Children permitted on campus if eating breakfast in cafeteria.

    7:55 AM - First bell. Supervision will not be available before 7:35 AM and children should not be on campus.

    8:00 AM - Classes begin.

    2:00 PM - Dismissal of all classes.

    7:20 AM to 3:00 PM - Office hours

    7:30 AM to 3:00 PM - Teachers on campus


    Children receive 300 minutes of instruction daily. Included in this time will be skills and activities in Music, Physical Education taking place with your students classroom teacher as well as Library, and Technology supervised by students classroom teachers.

    Instruction is provided in reading, writing, language arts, math, science, and social studies in alignment with the Sunshine State Standards. State and District materials and curriculum maps define the scope and pace of our core curriculum. A variety of intervention programs for struggling learners and enrichment activities for advance learners are provided to meet the individual needs of our students. Student progress is assessed and monitored regularly. Teachers are encouraged to be creative and innovative in delivering instruction in a meaningful way. Students may also engage in project/service-based and thematic learning.

    Special programs provided at Cooper City Elementary are:

    • Speech & Language Therapy
    • Gifted/High Achievers Classes
    • Varying Exceptionality Programs
    • Student Support Programs
    • Tutoring/Mentoring/Enrichment Programs
    • After School Camps


    All basic textbooks are loaned to students for their use during the school year. Textbooks are to be kept clean and handled carefully. A textbook number will be assigned. Please be sure student name, grade, and school are written on the book label in case the book is misplaced. You will be required to pay for lost or damaged books and workbooks. Your teacher will check textbooks in December, March, and June. Unpaid book charges are recorded in a district database and will limit a child’s participation in extra curricular activities.