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  • Our Library Media programs at North Lauderdale Elementary have much to offer our students to encourage them to become avid readers and lifelong learners of information.

    Reading Across Broward

    This County-sponsored program is ongoing from April 1st of one year until March 31st of the following year, including the summer months. Level 1 is for Kindergarten through 2nd grade students who read picture books. Level 2 is for 3rd through 5th grade students who read chapter books. Students receive certificates from the County to help them stay motivated. The appropriate forms are available in our Media Center throughout the year in order to log the titles as they are read.


    Sunshine State Young Readers Award

    The Florida Association for Media in Education presents a list of fifteen books per age group for students statewide in Kindergarten through 8th grade to read or listen to. After students read at least 3 of these novels, they qualify to vote in April for their favorite and the results are tallied throughout the state. These forms are also available in our Media Center throughout the year.

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    Children’s Book Award

    There are 8 books that are nominated each year, and the students must hear at least 5 to qualify to vote for their favorite. Voting takes place in the Media Center and is a very popular and exciting event, complete with “I voted” stickers. Votes are tallied statewide and the winners are announced in May.

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    BookIt!® Program

    Sponsored by Pizza Hut, this program is available through the classroom teachers with varied individually set age-appropriate reading goals. The program begins October 1st and runs through March 31st. Your child’s classroom teacher will provide more information in the fall about this enjoyable reading motivation program.

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    Book Fair

    Our PTA runs a Book Fair twice a year in the Media Center. Our students avidly shop for new books to call their own. Additionally, we host a community/family night event during the book fair to allow parents and community members to shop as well. The book fairs help support our Media programs and events.


    Accelerated Reader®

    AR is a program to motivate students to become independent readers while enhancing their comprehension. The children read stories from a specific list of books then take computerized comprehension tests based on the knowledge of the book. Students receive points based on the test, which accumulate for  end of the year awards.

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