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    Happy FIRST full month of school! We hope you have enjoyed the first few weeks of school and have adjusted to the new school year!

    We’ve made a few adjustments this year with arrival, dismissal, school policies, and curriculum. With arrival, please ensure your student(s) is
    here prior to the 8:00 A.M. bell. If they arrive after 8, a parent MUST walk in the child to the front office to sign them in. For dismissal, we have
    two walker’s gates at the front of the school and one car loop in the rear of campus. Walkers must walk off campus and car riders MUST exit in
    a car. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE will students be allowed to walk off campus with or without a parent in the car loop. Please note that all exit
    gates will open at the 2:00 P.M. bell. Please also note that ID’s must be presented PRIOR to entering the building. Your assistance in keeping
    our school safe is much appreciated!

    Uniforms are back! We are a mandatory uniform school. Please ensure your child is in full uniform daily to avoid consequences. Jeans are only
    allowed with spirit shirts on Fridays.

    As we start our school year we want our students to meet their MAX potential. They ARE capable of achieving and growing, and our passion
    is to help them reach their goals. In order to do that, your students will be taking beginning of the year assessments as a baseline. We will
    use this data to make educational decisions to ensure they are learning each day.

    Thank you for ALL of your continued support with your child’s education! We APPRECIATE you and welcome any opportunity for you to
    stop by and see us!

    Have a WONDERFUL month of September!


     From our reading coach - Ms. Tyler - 

    Thank you for a great first couple of weeks of our new school year. Our students are moving into regular

    instructional routines and are working hard toward individual learning goals.


    This year, our assessment system looks incredibly new and all of our lions are taking assessments on the computer.


    This is part of the FAST

    state assessment system in which students will take such assessments three times a year: Fall, Winter, and Spring.


    The first assessment has already started and will continue through the end of the month. Once the assessment is complete, your child’s teacher will be sharing results and

    discussing instructional plans and recommendations. 


     From our math coach - Ms. Kerr - 


    Think of any number. Double the number. Add 9. Subtract 3. Divide your answer by 2. Subtract the answer with the number you started with… Presto!
    Your answer is 3. Try this “math magic” with your friends and families to show how fun and entertaining Math could be.


    Math is everywhere and prepares you for life. It helps to develop and sharpen your problem - solving skills. You learn the value of time and money
    using numbers. Math facts help the muscles in your brain to stretch to unknown heights. The magic of math allows you to organize your thoughts,
    rearrange information and it increases your ability to explain your thinking.


    Math Magic allows you to understand numbers based on place values ranging from least to greatest. The magic of math is everywhere!


    From Administration -

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