• Kindergarten Recommended School Supplies

    4 Boxes of 8 Large (Crayola)* crayons

    6 Large (22g) glue sticks

    2 Boxes of 8 basic color washable markers

    6 Large beginners No.2 Pencils (Ticonderoga)*

    1 Package of pink pencil erasers

    2 Boxes of 100 tissues (Kleenex)*

    1 Ream of white letter size paper

    1 backpack, no larger than 15 inches tall by 12 inches wide

    (We have limited storage space for backpacks)

    Please no backpacks with wheels.

    Requests for folders may be made by individual teachers.

    Supplies will be shared by all the children in the class.

    We mention these brands only because we have found them to work the best.

    The above supplies will be kept in the classroom to be used throughout the school year.

    The purchase of these supplies is a recommendation to assist your child, but it is a parent's option and not a requirement.