Parents In Education

  • Get Involved

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    Many parents want to know how they can contribute to the learning environment. As an approved volunteer, parents can assist as chaperones on field trips, help with fundraising in the school, volunteer in the media center, visit classrooms as a guest speaker and so much more!

    Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)
    At Driftwood Middle School Academy of Health and Wellness we continually aim for excellence. Driftwood Middle PTSA involvement and funding assists our school in curricular and extra curricular goals. Driftwood Middle PTSA welcomes the active involvement of school staff, students and parents. You may become a member or make a contribution by contacting us at 754-323-3100.

    School Advisory Council (SAC)
    The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a governing body made up of parents, community members, teachers, staff members, and students. The primary objective of the School Advisory Council is to develop and implement the school improvement plan. SAC sets goals based on the student achievement and expectations. Through monthly SAC meetings, the SAC members monitor the implementation of the School Improvement Plan (SIP) and discuss other important topics relevant to school budget, achievement, student and school needs, etc.

    What is the School Improvement Plan (SIP)?
    The School Improvement Plan (SIP) is a primary objective for all Broward schools. To facilitate this process, every school has a School Advisory Council which studies the school’s track record and comes up with an annual plan to improve education in vital areas such as: student achievement, curriculum, safety and discipline.

    Who are the SAC members?
    The SAC members are elected members and are from different stakeholder groups. The purpose is to practice a participatory management system with the input of all stakeholders.