• Here at Challenger Elementary, there is a  comprehensive art curriculum for kindergarten through fifth grades.  Challenger’s art program is based on learning the basic elements of art, and then building upon that core knowledge using various art projects.

    Art techniques, experimenting with different medium, art history, world history, different cultures, artists, math connections and science connections are just some of the things that are integrated into the art projects that your children are doing here at Challenger. Critical thinking and application of skills and knowledge are also necessary components to the making of art.

    You may have noticed that your children have not brought home any projects as of yet.  They are being held here at school for possible inclusion in one of the many art exhibits scheduled this year. Please be assured that all artwork will be sent home at the end of the school year.

    Donations to the Art Department

    Parents, when shopping for school supplies this summer, if you have a little extra money, the art department could surely use your help.  Donations of black “Sharpies”, (fine or extra fine point) Crayola classic markers, (8 colors) and Dixon Ticonderoga #2 pencils would be greatly appreciated. Even one Sharpie donated by many parents will make a big difference.

    If parents could donate a few of these items, it would really help to stretch the small amount of money allocated for art supplies for next school year.

    Thanks very much, and I look forward to an awesome school year.

    Ms. Holly Doherty