Scholarship Opportunities

  • 1. Go local. Students will often see better results by focusing on state, regional, or local scholarships that have fewer applicants. 

    2. Get narrow. Students can enhance their chances of success by finding scholarships with narrow eligibility criteria that fit their backgrounds.

    3. Find similar essay prompts. Focus on scholarships with similar essay prompts, so you can copy + paste with minimal editing. We find that a lot of scholarships ask one of these three essay prompts, so we’ve created guides on how to answer them: Why do you deserve this scholarshipDescribe your financial situation/needWhat are your career goals

    4. Play to your strengths. Find scholarships that match your child’s specific background and interests. For example, if your child has a strong academic track record, bias toward merit-based scholarships.

    If you need some inspiration and motivation, check out what our scholarship winners have to say here!

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