• There are numerous scholarship opportunities to assist partially or fully towards a post-secondary education. The ones most students will qualify for would be the four consisting of the "Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program" and Federal Pell Grants.
    For personal assistance students can see the BRACE advisor or their guidance counselor. 
    There are generally two steps needed for students to receive these scholarships and/or grants: first, they must submit their application by the application deadline and second, they must meet certain academic and general requirements. 

    Most students who graduate from Sheridan Technical High School will be eligible for at least one of these four Florida Bright Futures Scholarships:

    Intial Requirements (see page2 HERE)

    Florida Academic Scholar (FAS): 3.50 Adjusted GPA, 29 ACT/1290 SAT, 100 Service Hours
    Florida Medallion Scholar (FMS): 3.0 Adjusted GPA, 26 ACT/1170 SAT, 75 Service Hours

    Both require passing 16 credits of high school courses: 4 English, 4 Mathematics, 3 Science, 3 Social Studies, 2 (sequential of the same) World Language.
    These 16 credits are used to determine an adjusted GPA, where honors, IB, AP, and dual enrollment courses have an additional 0.50 credits per courses if passed. 

    Gold Seal Vocational Scholar (GSV): 3.0 adjusted GPA in non-elective courses, 3 full credits in a single Career and Technical Education program, required 3.5 unweighted GPA in career education courses, 30 service hours, meet one set of test score rangesGold Seal CAPE Scholars (GSC): Earn at least 5 postsecondary credits through CAPE certification and complete 30 service hours 

    Some tips for students:

    1. Start early. It is easier to maintain a GPA requirement than raise it up. Additionally, starting on service hours freshman year will leave less stress and worry later on.
    2. Practice for SAT/ACT exams and take advantage of vouchers. Students are able to link their collegeboard account to Khan Academy for individualized practice for the SAT. Additionally, most students will be able to receive two free vouchers to take SAT/ACT; so if you don't reach the score required at first, you can take it again.
    3. Make use of assistance. Tutoring and help is available most days of the week. Additionally, talk with your advisors (guidance, BRACE, dual enrollment) as they have years of experience with assisting students just like you.
    4. Keep track. Students have to keep track of their own applications, eligibility, and status. Nobody is going to do this for them.  

    These websites offer more scholarship opportunities:


    For personal assistance students can see the BRACE advisor or their guidance counselor.