• All students at Sheridan Technical High School assume a schedule that prepares them for college and work. During their first-year student and sophomore years, students take the same set of selected college, career, and scholarship, preparatory courses. At the end of their sophomore year, each student then selects a career focus and is scheduled for four credits in the aligned courses during their junior and senior year. Every student is required to take a college preparatory curriculum of 24 credits, predetermined by the state of Florida, and an 8-credit course of study in a technical field selected by the student. Sheridan requires the same 24 credits for all students. Students are dual enrolled for post-secondary credit in the technical courses in their junior and senior year.

    Additionally, students at Sheridan Technical High School are required to take each academic core subject (English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies) all four years, and the appropriate Spanish levels during their first-year student and sophomore year. Due to this highly focused education, Sheridan Technical High School is unable to offer as flexible a set of courses and electives as most high schools. 

    Finally, seniors are required to demonstrate mastery in their technical area through participation in the Senior Exhibition Project. The Exhibition of Mastery project not only assesses student learning through an authentic, real-world product, but also works to ensure engagement among students, teachers, and community members (Coalition of Essential Schools, 2007). Students demonstrate knowledge of their Career and Technical program through an industry related topic, bringing together industry and academic knowledge. Each program graduate will plan, develop, and present an exhibition that focuses on a topic related to his/her technical program. Students will then present their exhibitions to a variety of industry and community members. 


    Honors Courses AP/DE Courses

    Algebra 1
    Algebra 2
    English I
    English II
    English III
    English IV
    Environmental Science
    Marine Science
    Spanish III
    Spanish IV
    World Culture Geography
    World History
    United States History
    United States Government

    AP Calculus
    AP Computer Science Principles
    DE ENC 1101
    DE ENC 1102
    AP Human Geography
    AP Psychology
    AP Spanish
    AP Statistics
    AP United States History