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    Happy February Wildcat Families! 

    Happy Black History Month! Although we aim to celebrate Black History all year long- we take special pride this month in remembering the struggles and honoring the accomplishments within black history-check out this website for some great reads this month---- 

    A month of love and service is before us, and we are truly excited! This month as we continue to remember the 17 lives lost at MSD, we will engage in service learning as a Wildcat Family. On February 14th, an early release day, Wildcats will show our love and commitment to positive choices, civic engagement, and service for all by participating in many on campus service projects.  If you want to be part of this fun, contact our Peer Counseling Coordinator, Ms. Galpine, to see how you can help! 

    As we continue to grow and learn this school year- let’s talk all things Literacy! Parents, as your child reads and completes assignments, I encourage you to encourage them to annotate their readings! Circle words that they do not know the meaning of, underline important pieces of information----mark- up that text! Think about how you as an adult highlight and mark-up text that you read that may not be as interesting as we desire or that is new information for us. Our kiddies need to know that this is a lifelong strategy that will help them to continue to grow. 

    Another reminder parents, please do NOT allow your child to go to the park which ALMOST sits on our campus after school. It is just NOT safe as there is no supervision. As you know when kiddies are unsupervised, they sometimes get themselves into things that they cannot get out of---let’s avoid this. Also, please note our new procedure which speaks to our sports games. Students may NOT attend a sports game as a spectator without a supervising adult. 

    Please help us continue to embrace, share, and develop in our Glen House Rules of being safe, responsible, and respectful. 


    I am excited to continue this journey with all of you! 


    Your LOVING Principal, 


    Melissa Gurreonero 


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