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    Important Information for Parents About Conferences

    All parent teacher conferences (PTC) are now being done virtually.  Conferences are held on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:35 am.  To schedule a PTC an email can be sent to or contact us at 754-322-3400 to request the conference.  

    Notice to Parents and Guardians

    Forest Glen Middle School reminds parents/guardians of their rights to be accompanied by another adult of their choice during scheduled student-related meetings with school personnel. During these meetings, parents, guardians and adult-age students will be asked to sign a form stating whether school staff prohibited or discouraged them from exercising this right. This form is required as part of a new state law. To view a copy of this form, Parental Input and Meeting Form or go to ESLS website



    Parents, please click on ghe links below for an important message regarding AMAOS.

    Spanish translation - Spanish Parent Letter

    Haitian-Creole translation - Haitian-Creole Parent Letter

    Portuguese translation - Portugese Parent Letter



    Broward County Public School's Diversity, Cultural Outreach & Prevention Department is pleased to support the work of SunServe and Leadership Broward Class XXXII. This collaboration will help to provide greatly needed help and support to parents who want to discuss sexual-identity issues with their children.

    For more information about SunServe please SunServe Flyer



  • 2020-2021 Family Resource Guide

    Family Resource Guide Picture

    To access the Family Resource Guide with the 2020-2021 Family Resource Guide link. 

  • Coronasvirus (2019-NCOV)




    Coronasvirus (2019-NCOV)



    Due to increased concerned in the community about the spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Broward County Public Schools has developed a guide so that parents/guardians has the correct information regarding what the virus is, how to protect yourself and your child, and what to do if you suspect a possible case.   For learn more about the Coronasvirus (2019-nCoV) link.

  • Attendance - Policy 5.5

    Student's Attendance

    Attendance Policy 5.5

    1. All students' absences must align with the eight reasons allowed for absences, as outlined in the Attendance Policy and in the Code of Student Conduct.
    2. Parents must state reason (from approved list) for absence when they call in or write a note to report a student's absence.
    3. Absences can only be excused if they correspond with one of the eight allowed reasons.

    For more in-depth information of the Attendance Policy 5.5, please click on the Attendance Policy 5.5 - Revised

    Updated guidance for school and parent/guardian - Frequently Asked Question

  • Registration and Withdrawals

    BCPS Registration/Withdrawal

    You will need the following to register your student:

    • Student Registration FormEnglish | Spanish | Haitian/Creole | Portuguese 
    • PROOF OF RESIDENCE: Submit current proofs of residence based upon your type of residence. 
    • PROOF OF AGE - Submit one form of verification of the student’s age.
    • PROOF OF MEDICAL EXAM - Students enrolling in a Florida public school for the first time must submit evidence of a medical examination performed within the twelve months prior to the initial enrollment.
    • PROOF OF IMMUNIZATION - Submit a Florida Certificate of Immunization Form (Form DH 680).
    • SCHOOL RECORDS - Submit the most recent report card and/or transcript needed for appropriate grade level placement.



    To register your child(ren), please complete the forms below and email them to the Ms. Maria Schwartz, Registrar at  Ms. Schwartz will contact you for additional information she may need.

    Student Registration Form

    Student Emergency Card

    Shared Housing Form



    Students Who are Transferring Out-of-County, to Private School or Home School: Parents who need to withdraw their student should contact the school directly at 754-322-3400 or email Ms. Maria Schwartz at  The following information will be needed to withdraw the student(s):

    - Please note only the registering parent can withdraw a student

    - A letter/email requesting the withdrawal of the student(s) from Forest Glen Middle School

    - A copy of the registering parent government issued identification


    Students Who Have Moved Within the County: Any student who moved within the county will continue online learning at their current school.  Once the physical schools are open for students, parent can contact the current school to withdraw and contact the new school to complete registration paperwork and transfer to the new school.


  • ESOL Leadership Council

    What is the ESOL Leadership Council?

    This is a districtwide forum for Limited English Proficient (LEP) parents and interested community members to assist the District in identifying the educational needs and priorities of LEP students. The ESOL Leadership Council meets on the first Wednesday of each month during the school year at the K.C. Wright Administration Building. For more information, contact Yvette Fernandez in the Bilingual/Foreign Language/ESOL Education Department at 754-321-2951; or visit the department website Parent/ESOL Leadership (

  • ESE Advisory Council

    The ESE Advisory Council is established under the Broward County Public School Policy to provide recommendations to the School Board and the Superintendent on systemic issues affecting

    exceptional student education.


    At our meetings we provide a forum for information about our district schools, programs, advocacy, support, procedural guidelines, Individual Education Plans (IEP), 504 Plans, college, vocational,

    and career readiness, school board initiatives, education enrichment, resources and data.  We track proposed, new and existing federal, state, and county legislation and local policies

    addressing special education.


    Everyone is welcome to attend and participate. We encourage you to bring forward systemic issues that are affecting our ESE students. If you have a specific concern you need addressed, the opportunity

    to submit your request for someone from the district to contact you directly will be provided. Our monthly ESE Chair Report is presented to the Broward County School Board while continuing communication

    is maintained with our ESLS - Exceptional Student Learning Support department. 


    ​Visit Our Website:

    Connect with us on Facebook:



  • Innovation Zone

    Coral Springs Innovation Zone

    Meeting Dates:

  • Parental Involvement

    In keeping with the belief that learning should take place at home, in school and in the community and with research showing that parent involvement is the single most important indicator of school success, the School Board of Broward County has identified "Empowering Parents and Community Through Participation" as a major system priority. The purpose of this policy is to promote meaningful parent and family participation and to identify standards for effective parent/family involvement.

    Read School Board Policy #1165 Title 1 Parent Involvement Requirements

    Click Here for the Parent's Guide to Broward Schools - English (pdf)


    Kòm nou kwè pwosesis aprann dwe pran rasin lakay, nan lekòl ak nan kominote-a epi kòm rechèch montre patisipasyon fanmi se prensipal faktè ki pi enpòtan nan siksè timoun lekòl, School Board of Broward County (Konsèy Edikasyon nan Brawad Kaounti) idantifye “Empowering Parents and Community Through Participation” [Bay patisipasyon fanmi ak kominote pouvwa] kòm yon priyorite esansyèl nan sistèm-lan. Bi regleman-sa-a se pwomouvwa yon patisipasyon reyèl paran ak fanmi epi idantifye estanda pou patisipasyon efektif paran/fanmi.

    Click Here for the Parent's Guide to Broward Schools - Kreyol (pdf)


    En armonía con la creencia de que el aprendizaje ocurre en el hogar, en la escuela y en la comunidad, y con las investigaciones que demuestran que la participación de los padres es el indicador más importante del éxito escolar, the School Board of Broward County ha identificado “Empowering Parents and Community Through Participation” como la primera prioridad en el sistema. El propósito de esta regla es promover la participación significativa de los padres y de la familia e identificar los estándares para una participación efectiva de los padres y de la familia.

    Click Here for the Parent's Guide to Broward Schools - Español (pdf)

  • Parent Teachers Organization (PTO)

    What is the PTO?

    PTO stands for Parent Teacher Organization. The FGMS PTO is a non-profit group comprised of parents, teachers and staff dedicated to making Forest Glen a place where our children can thrive.

    Each year we work closely with the school administration to determine how we can best support the school.  The PTO then organizes fundraisers to meet these needs.  Some examples of our support include providing educational magazines for the classrooms, purchasing laptop carts and other technology for the classrooms, school beautification projects, book fairs, and teacher appreciation events.

    How can you help?

    Become a Member:

    Membership is $10.00 per member.  Your annual membership is a donation only, no volunteering is required.  It is never too late to join; we accept memberships all year long!

    To join, click the on-line credit card link to pay for your membership.  Membership forms are also available in the front office.  Send in cash or check along with the form to your student’s first period teacher.

    Send in your BoxTops:

    Yes, we still take box tops in middle school!  Send them in to your student’s first period teacher or drop them in the box in the front office.

    Make a Donation:

    Donations are greatly appreciated in any amount.  Click on the donation credit card link, or send cash or check in an envelope labeled PTO to your student’s first period teacher.

    Attend Our Meetings:

    Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend our meetings.  The PTO meeting is a great place to meet other parents and hear school news directly from the administrators.  See our Calendar for meeting dates.


    Even middle schools need volunteers!  Contact us at for more information or with any questions.

    Social Media:           

    Like and follow us on Facebook at Forest Glen Middle School PTO.