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Use this search bar to find any title, topic, author, genre that you would like to read! You will find all of the books, audio books, and e-books available at our FGMS Media Center!
  • Our media center is a welcoming space to celebrate our diversity and unique abilities. We will advocate for your intellectual freedom and privacy while using these resources. We hope that you come here to seek and receive information from all points of view without restriction. Our mission is to assist you in choosing engaging material that is interesting and appropriate.  

    Instructional Media Specialist

    Lauren Orbesen




    • We abide by the Glen House Rules at all times- being respectful, responsible, and safe.
    • Please respect your peers, our materials, and our space. 
    • If you need help locating something, please ask! If we don't have it, ask if we can get it. 
    • No food or drink in the media center, unless you are invited during your lunch. 
    • Every student is welcome here. 
    • If you check out a book, please return it on time so that others can enjoy it too.
    • If you are entering the library as an individual during class time, you must have a pass.
    • Late fines will no longer accrue on borrowed Broward County Library materials and customers will not be fined for items that are returned after the due date. 

    • All existing late fines on library cardholder accounts​ will be removed.

    • Cardholders are still financially responsible for lost or damaged items and are encouraged to return materials on time to make them available to others.​
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  • Click here to find your next favorite book or movie!

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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Book Donations

  • We sincerely welcome gifts and donations in the form of materials or monetary funds. All donations are reviewed according to the collection and development policy and must meet the same criteria as all other items. Books not accepted for the collection will be disposed of in a manner determined by the library. The use and disposal will be at the discretion of the LMS in the interest of maintaining an appropriate and balanced collection.
    The donation should meet the following criteria before being added to the collection.

    • The offered items are within the scope of the library’s collection and their use falls within the stated library mission.
    • The library has enough time and resources to process and maintain the offered items.
    • The item does not unnecessarily duplicate materials already held.
    • The item’s condition is acceptable.
    • The library has space to store the donated items.
    • The item is supportive of the school's curriculum or interests of faculty and students and is on an appropriate elementary school academic level.