Media Center

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    Our media center is a welcoming space to celebrate our diversity and unique abilities. We will advocate for your intellectual freedom and privacy while using these resources. We hope that you come here to seek and receive information from all points of view without restriction. Our mission is to assist you in choosing engaging material that is interesting and appropriate.  

    Mission Statement:

    We empower, support, and inspire learners to become responsible and effective users of digital and print information. Our objectives align with being respectful, responsible, and safe at all times. We provide resources that encourage a love of reading within a positive and safe environment.  

    Search Follett Destiny   
    Our Media Center has a searchable library collection that can be accessed through Destiny Discover.  Students and parents can search by title, author, or topic for materials in the media center, classroom libraries, or books on classroom reading lists. To help students locate both print and eBooks, access Follett Destiny Library.  Your student's Single Sign On can access this information from school or home.  

    School Library Media Program:

    • Provides resources that meet a broad range of individual learning styles, abilities, interests, and curriculum needs, including multicultural education.
    • Stimulates and promotes information literacy through quality instruction, empowering students to become effective readers, information users, critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and lifelong learners.
    • Strengthens effective teaching and learning through collaboration.
    • Stimulates and promotes literacy in reading, listening, viewing and communicating for both pleasure and information.
    • Utilizes technology to address expanding information needs.  

Online Library Resources

  • The district provides online resources to ensure equitable access to information that will improve student performance and achievement. Students can use Clever to access Follett Destiny and other digital age-appropriate materials that support educational and social-emotional needs.   


Media Center Rules

    • We abide by the Glen House Rules at all times- being respectful, responsible, and safe.
    • Please respect your peers, our materials, and our space. 
    • If you need help locating something, please ask! If we don't have it, ask if we can get it.  
    • You are able to check out up to six books at a time, for a two-week period. After that, you can renew your checkout.
    • Every student is welcome here. 
    • If you check out a book, please return it on time so that others can enjoy it too.
    • If you are entering the library as an individual during class time, you must have a pass.

Media Staff

  • Media Specialist

    Lauren Orbesen

    Hours of Operation
    Monday - Friday 
    8:30a.m. - 4:15 p.m.

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