If your child purchases lunch in the cafeteria, please begin to prepay for them. They each have an account number (Lunch Number) and the prepaid lunch money will go into the account and can only be drawn out by them. Lunch numbers follow them until they graduate so it is imperative for them to learn their numbers as soon as possible

    Forms of payment accepted:



    Online at myschoolbucks.com

    Free and reduced applications

    Applications must be filled out at the beginning of every school year. The application may be completed at www.myschoolapps.com

    Breakfast is available at no cost to all students from 7:30-8:00.

    If a child forgets lunch or lunch money, they may charge the cafeteria one time. If the charge has not been repaid and the child needs to charge again, they will be provided a cheese or jelly sandwich instead.


    Breakfast             Free      

    Lunch                   $2.00

    Juice                     $0.75

    Water                   $0.50

    Goldfish               $0.50

    Pop-tart               $0.50

    Juice Bar              $0.50

    Ice cream             $0.65


    If you have any comments questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 754-322-8910


    Andrea Geller, Cafeteria Manager

    Westchester Elementary