Principal's Message

  • Denise Dopico-Lizano


    Greetings, LFE Family,

    Welcome to the new 2022-2023 school year at Lake Forest Elementary School! I am very excited to begin this journey as your new principal and even more excited to announce that the amazing students and staff of LFE have earned the wonderful honor of being a “B” school this year!! I am very proud of their accomplishment, dedication and hard work as well as their commitment to our children’s education.

    As we move into this new school year, there are several new initiatives, programs and protocols that our teachers and staff will be learning and will be working on with our students. These new initiatives include various changes that everyone will need to learn and become accustomed to, and some involve new curriculum requirements and safety measures. Our school will communicate these changes with you and continue to work with you to ensure a smooth transition and to continue our path to excellence.

    Aside from continuing to strive towards excellence, my goals this year include building strong relationships with staff, scholars, parents and the community. While we have some new faces and new things to learn, my hope is that we will all show grace and respect towards each other as we learn, grow, and build our Lake Forest Family. I look forward to your participation in PTA, SAC/SAF, community events, and schoolwide activities so that we can not only get to know each other but also provide support to our students and strengthen the relationships that will help our children be successful.

    Once of the best ways to know what is going on in our school and how you can help your child is to stay in touch with us! Make sure we have the most current phone number, email, and home address, join any communication forums your child’s teacher may use, listen to phone messages and read emails from our Parent Link, like our NEW Facebook page, and check our website regularly. We look forward to showing you all that Lake Forest Elementary has to offer and all that your children are learning and doing to build their future.

    It is going to be a great year! LFE is the place to “BEE!”   A picture containing textDescription automatically generated

    Your Proud Principal,

    Mrs. Denise Lizano