Principal's Message

  • Greetings Silver Eagles,

    It is with the greatest honor and enthusiasm I welcome you back to SSE 22-23: ALL SYSTEMS GO!!!! What started out as one of the most difficult years of our professional lives, ended in triumphant success. Our students learned beyond any of our expectations, and you FAR exceeded mine. Our trials and tribulations, worries and uncertainties, personal losses and upsets, manifested themselves into hard work, solid teaching, and connecting with the deepest part of our inner-selves to forge through everything we encountered, keep moving forward, and ultimately ending the FSA-driven state measure of accountability as an “A” School. By now, I truly hope each of you know that your strength is boundless and inner drive is limitless.

    As I said last year in my welcome back letter: “I believe there is no limit to what we can do and will achieve at the Shores. I am authentically committed to making every day important and better than the last. We will continue to learn from both our successes and our failures, and flourish as a community of learners that reach our highest expectations.” This rings true today. We need to continue to raise our own “bar,” challenge our abilities, and repeatedly sharpen our saws. This year’s theme, SSE 22-23: ALL SYSTEMS GO!, encapsulates what I truly believe we can, and WILL, accomplish this year. We will continue to implement the Benchmark Universe as well as begin using our newly adopted math curriculum. Florida B.E.S.T. standards will provide the blueprint for standards-based learning, and we will progress monitor three times during the year.

    Although it is a new school year, and there is ALWAYS hope, these are still trying times and the turbulence is still ever-present. We will continue to do our best with cleaning and sanitizing; we will continue to champion the cause for our students and families as they are our “Why!”; and despite any individual differences, we always have, and always WILL stand UNITED as a PROUD SILVER EAGLE FAMILY!!! WE ARE SSE 22-23: ALL SYSTEMS GO!!!


    All My Best for the 22-23 School Year,

    Dr. Jonathan Leff,


    Dr Leff