School Awards

  • We are so proud of our students, community, and school. Hollywood Central Elementary is a shining jewel in the crown of Broward County Schools.

    In addition, Hollywood Central Elementary has been a Five Star School for 12 years. This award recognizes excellence in the areas of volunteerism, family involvement, school advisory, business and partnership, and student services. The Golden School Award from the Department of Education has also recognized our high level of volunteerism for 30 consecutive years. Hollywood Central has also received numerous Little Red Schoolhouse Awards that honor exemplary, unique school-wide programs.  Our parents are involved, our staff is committed, and we all work together. We are truly one caring family comprised of a multitude of cultures, abilities, and individuals.  Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers for your efforts to support and enhance learning.

    Our children shine in all areas, not just academically. The following are just some of our past honors and accolades. We have won the prestigious Model Physical Education School Award from the Florida Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. We received recognition from The Sunshine State School Public Relations Association for outstanding work. Hollywood Central Elementary School earned first place in various Title I Math Challenges as well as first and second place in the Broward County Spanish Competition.

    Our awards are numerous, but our greatest source of pride is our students. We strive for high student achievement. At Hollywood Central Elementary, we are strongly committed to teaching our children the importance of character. The "value" traits such as citizenship, honesty, respect, responsibility and courtesy are incorporated daily into our programs and activities through song, televised reports, and examples.