Principal's Message






    It brings me great pleasure to welcome you and your scholar(s) to the 2023-2024 school year!  I’m excited and honored to serve another year as your proud principal and will continue to be deeply committed to equity, academic excellence, and community involvement.  “Game On for Academic Success”- is this year’s school theme! Our focus on excellence will be grounded in three major components for academic success, and we need your assistance.  Here are three simple ways you can assist us with accomplishing this year’s goals.   

    1.                  Protect and value instructional time.

    Our new school hours are from 8:00 am-2:00 pm.  All scholars are required to be in their seats on time and ready to learn each day.  Let your scholars know how important it is for them not to miss school unless they are sick.


    1.                  Utilize literacy as the core of all academic subject areas.

    Reading is embedded throughout math, science, social studies, and writing.  We need our scholars reading every night a minimum of 15 minutes a day or have them read to you. If you have younger children, they should be practicing the letter and sound recognition and sight words daily. 


    1.                  Cultivate a culture of gamechangers who believe they can achieve at the highest academic levels. 

    Our scholars are our gamechangers!  Everyday our scholars have a new opportunity to change their academic success, make better decisions, become socially and emotionally stronger, and grow as individuals.  It’s our responsibly to speak greatness over them each day and encourage them to believe they can achieve. Our positive words have more power than we can ever imagine. 


    When we collectively work together towards a common goal, our scholars are destined for success.  As always, we solicit and encourage parent and community engagement throughout the school year.  We need your support more than ever before; our school depends on you to bridge the home to school connection.  Feel free to join our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), attend our monthly School Advisory Council (SAC), or sign up to be a volunteer.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can assist and support Larkdale Elementary, please call our Community Liaison, Ms. McIntosh at 754-322-6600 or you can email her at

    Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to a school year filled with love, peace, and success!

    We love you and expect greatness in all we do!


    Your Proud Principal,

    Mrs. Hart