Principal's Message

  • Lewis Jackson, Ed. D. PrincipalWelcome to Dania Elementary School’s website.  The Dania staff and I are honored to have the opportunity to work with our students, parents, and community.  We continue to provide a world-class education to the students who walk our hallways.

    New standards, increased rigor, and pending new state assessments have created challenges, but I am confident that our staff, students, and stakeholders can rise to overcome any barriers placed before us. We are a school with a rich history of excellence, and our pledge to each parent and student is that we will continue to strive for excellence. Our mission will continue to be focused on providing an education that involves the “whole” child. We continue to offer Music, Art and Physical Education classes and clubs. Many of the student-centered programs that make Dania such a special place to learn, continue to have positive influences on our students.

    Dania Elementary continues to be involved in many initiatives again this year.  Some of our accomplishments, initiatives, and/or activities include:

    • Received the Golden School Award for Outstanding Volunteerism for many years
    • Over $55,000 in Grants Received by School Staff in the past several years
    • Free After-School Dolphin Tutoring
    • Fee After-School Art, Chorus, and Orchestra
    • Sought and obtained financial awards to create a Butterfly Reading Garden and several theme-based gardens around the school
    • Fully Accredited for Over 50 Years
    • Participated in Monthly Family Nights
    • Fund-raising activities to promote Autism Research
    • Sponsored Free Student School Clubs: Violin Classes, Debate Club, DEN Morning Announcements, Global Patrol, Robotics, Student Council, and Safety Patrol,
    • School wide Music Performances    
    • Educational and Fun Field Trips
    • Numerous Staff & Student Multicultural Activities
    • Several Teachers Applied and Received Grants for Special Projects that Directly Impact Student Achievement.

    This is an exciting place to work and learn! I look forward to continuing to lead Dania Elementary toward academic excellence!

    We will build on a past of rich traditions while exploring new and innovative teaching strategies to foster the world’s future leaders and environmental caretakers.


    Lewis Jackson, Ed. D. Principal