Get Involved

Elementary, middle, and high school students working at their group levels in a club
  • Clubs and organizations are a great way to help develop character and the skills that will benefit you in school, your career, and in life. Skills like commitment, leadership, effective communication, and being able to work successfully in a group all come from participating in a club or organization. Joining a club is a great way to make friends, develop leadership skills, and boost your college resumé.

  • Youth Crime Watch

    Sponsor: Ms. Diejuste

    Based on the Neighborhood Watch concept, a school crime watch helps youth watch out for each other to make the entire school area safer and more enjoyable.  The school crime watch is a student-led effort that helps youth take a share of responsibility for their school community. Youth who participate in a school crime watch learn how to keep from becoming victims.  They also learn the best ways to report suspicious activities or arguments between students before they turn into fights or other disturbances. 

  • Yearbook

    Sponsor: Ms. Young & PTSA

    Our Yearbook Club is responsible for creating our annual yearbook, they always do a great job!

  • Student Government Association (S.G.A.)

    Sponsor: Ms. Asbury

    S.G.A. is a student-run organization that dedicates itself to creating memorable Jr. Buck experiences for every student at DBMS. By encouraging involvement, we provide a medium for all students to become active in the workings of our community. This includes hosting a number of inclusive activities such as Spirit Week, pep rallies, and much much more. Not only do we bridge the gap between students and administration, but we are also involved members of the Deerfield Beach community. On an annual basis, DBMS SGA participates in Harvest Drive and other service-based projects that are aimed at exposing our Jr. Bucks to service and learning. Every year our goal is to improve the lives of our student and faculty population by implementing creative and fun ideas to make each year unforgettable!

  • School is Cool

    School is Cool is a grant-funded program in which the Urban League of Broward County (ULBC) partners with Big Brother, Big Sister to provide support to students and their families to achieve success in the areas of attendance, behavior, and course work. Students are taught life skills, go on many exciting field trips, hear from inspiring guest speakers, receive monthly incentives, and case management services. See Mr. Atwood for more information on eligibility.

  • Safety Patrol

    The Dania Safety Patrol program exist to assist young children while crossing busy intersections when walking to and from school. The goal of these programs is to significantly reduce the number of pedestrian and bicycle accidents. Adult leaders also work to provide training and classroom safety and supervise student groups on patrol.

    Selection Process

    Safety patrols at elementary schools are selected from fifth grade students at the end of the preceding school year. Students are selected by teachers, principals and patrol sponsors. In some cases, students must complete an application during the spring preceding the year they will serve, to be selected to serve on the safety patrol. They must exhibit responsibility, academic achievement, commitment and good attitude toward others. Each school site will determine how many posts they will need for the year.


    School safety patrol trainees are usually chosen before school ends the year before starting at their post. They will have at least two weeks of "on the job" training with current patrol members where they will shadow them and see what the responsibilities are. When the training period is over and the trainee is able to demonstrate the ability and confidence to take over, the new patrol will take over the post. In many cases, new patrols take over before the school year ends.

    Patrol Duties

    Patrols are given specific instructions on how to assist pedestrians. Students are assigned positions where they are to encourage and remind students to exhibit good safety habits at all times. All patrol members should be in place at their designated position at least 5 minutes before students will be arriving. Patrols must stand one step back from the curb, facing the street. Many patrols have a red staff that is held horizontally to keep people back. When patrol leaders signal that it is safe to cross, patrols drop the staff down to indicate that pedestrians may cross. Patrols remain in position until all students have safely crossed the street.

    Patrol Meetings

    The safety patrol staff leader and a member of lawenforcement hold meetings twice a month with students. These meetings are held to support students by answering questions about procedures and give accolades to those who are doing well. Performance awards are given during the meetings, as well.

    Safety Patrol Camp

    Many local safety programs provide a police-sponsored summer camp for safety patrol members. The camps provide recreational activities as well as leadership training activities for students. Funding for the camps varies from school to school.

  • Robotics

    Sponsor: Ms. Diejuste

    The DBMS Robotics Club is sponsored by Ms. Diejuste and is an open club to all Jr. Bucks.

  • National Junior Honor Society (N.J.H.S.)

    Sponsor: Mr. Piontkwoski

    Students with a 3.5 GPA come together to perform community service. This is the pinnacle organization on campus.

  • Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders (MTL)

    Sponsor: Ms. Scott

    • Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders is an intergenerational peer-mentoring program that employs early intervention strategies and culturally responsive methods to increase middle school students’ high school readiness.
    • The mission of MTL is to provide dropout prevention, educational re-engagement, and student leadership program that operates according to five pillars to increase graduation rates, college admissions, and scholarships. The five pillars are Academic Achievement, Mentoring, Family Involvement, Community Support, and Incentives.
    • MTL students are provided with enrichment activities, book study, and rewards for positive behavior.  Additionally, they participate in a variety of workshops and retreats to assist in developing as leaders and to improve the Mentee's academics and behavior. 

  • Just Say No

    Sponsor: Ms. Forde

    This group of students is committed to “saying no” to drugs and alcohol and spreading the news about their harmful effects on your body.  See Ms. Rachel for more information.

  • Human Relations Council (H.R.C.)

    Sponsor: Dr. N. Morgan

    Human Relations Council, part of a BCPS student-led Initiative that is established to create a group of principled Jr. Bucks that will positively promote campus-wide tolerance, support/promotion of multiculturalism and diversity at school and in the community. In addition, it strives to provide on-going leadership opportunities for its members. It is open to all grade levels and all Jr. Bucks are encouraged to join!

  • Future Florida Educators of America [FFEA]

    Sponsor: Ms. O'Shea

    This club is for students who are interested in a career in education.

  • Debate

    Sponsor: Ms. Mellinger

    Debate is a high-school course that we offer to a selected number of our eighth-grade students.  In this class, students learn effective communication and debate skills, which are put to the test in a district-wide debate competition.

  • Chess Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Myerson

    Our Jr. Bucks Chess Team is an open club to all students in grades Six through Eight who want to learn the game of chess, compete in school and at-large tournaments, and who hold a 2.0-grade point average.

  • Book Club

    Sponsor: Mrs. Blando

    The purpose of our Book Club is to promote literacy and a sense of belonging amongst our students.  It also provides an opportunity for students to engage in meaningful dialogue with their peers, express their opinions, and learn to respond to differing opinions with respect.

  • Band Jam Session

    Sponsor: Mr. Laver

    Students at DBMS who are currently taking a Band class have the opportunity to work and practice with Mr. Laver on their instruments in the band room every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school from 2:45-3:45 PM unless otherwise stated. Transportation must be provided by parents/guardians for anyone that’s a bus rider and a Walk Home Permission Form must be on file with Mr. Laver for anyone that walks home after school.