• Dr. Seuss Week!


    2022 -2023

    Thing One and Thing Two  Kids with Hats  

    kids posing for photo

  • Day of Caring


  • Kids of Character Awards

  • CLI Parent Workshop

  • FHE Snowy Day Read-in!!


  • FHE '22 '23 Career Day!!

       nurse in training

    Future First Responders  Future Firefighters

    nurse in trainin

  • Spring Music Festival May 2022

        center stage

    FHE Extended Family     Parents Taking Pictures

    Stage Side View     Looking out in the Crowd

  • Field Trips 2022

    nature bus     student enjoying a ride at flamingo gardens     exhibit on nature bus     student using a sensory station on nature bus     outdoor exhibit     

  • Field Day March, 2022

    girl with hula hoop     soccer challenge     students in group photo under pavilion    student kicking a soccer ball     students sitting in grass     student in yellow shirt kicking a soccer ball     student playing hoop toss     students line up for basketball challenge     blue team tug-a-war     hula ring toss     cart game     student on scoot cart     student jumping rope     students standing in line, waiting to play a game

    students lining up to kick ball into net     students line up to play a game

  • Special Awareness 2022

    autism awareness     group picture     teacher assisting student on push cart    two students playing     meeting of the hats     Student receiving an award    teacher excited to give award      student receiving an award     medal ceremony  high five!     a happy participant     two friends posing for a photo   group photo of award winners     student holding up reward

    teacher handing out achievement ribbons     student holding up reward