Principal's Message

  • Devon ONealWelcome to Orange Brook Elementary School!  

    It is an honor and privilege to humbly serve as your Principal.  Our goal is to continue to work hand-in-hand with our families and community, ensuring that our students receive a world-class education that is absolutely second to none!

    We believe that all students can and will learn, and that education is the ultimate equalizer in today’s growing and ever-changing world.  We are duty bound to provide our students with a quality education, and we will stop at nothing to attain that goal!  We pride ourselves on providing every child with a complete and comprehensive learning experience, grounded in foundational skills that will guide them beyond their elementary school years.

    We strongly believe in the home-school connection and you are encouraged to communicate often with your child’s teacher.  We also welcome you to become involved in the school by volunteering and participating in our Parent Teacher Association (PTA), School Advisory Council (SAC) or School Advisory Forum (SAF).

    Again, we look forward to serving you and our doors are always open!

    Devon A. O’Neal, Principal