Walter C. Young Cafeteria Information

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    WCY Cafeteria 

    Walter C. Young Cafeteria offers a variety and well-balanced nutritious meals at a low cost. School lunches provide an assortment of foods including daily meal salads and fresh fruit. School meals are healthy, meeting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. By choosing lunch at school, students learn to make healthy choices, reinforcing nutrition education taught in the classroom. 

    Sanitation Certificate

    Students can purchase a hot meal, a salad or a box lunch prepackaged salad....yogurt lunch....hardboiled egg lunch.  Students must arrive by 8:30 in order to eat breakfast at school.  Your child will be given a PIN number that must be entered each time he/she buys lunch or breakfast.  Parents can pay in advance for their child’s meal before first period.  Checks should be made payable to WCY Middle School.  Please place your child’s name and pin number on the check.  If your child forgets to bring his/her lunch, they may charge one meal on his/her account.  A cheese sandwich will be provided if a student has not cleared his/her account.

    Free and Reduced Price Meal


    According to the guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, parents who would like to apply for free or reduced-price meal benefits for their children, are required to submit a 2017/18 Multi-Child Application for Meal Benefits.  The application should be completed online at  The completed online meal application is submitted to Food and Nutrition Services for processing; and completed within ten working days.

    Meal benefits carried over from the 2016/17 school year will be terminated for those students who do not have an approved 2017/18 meal application on file at Food and Nutrition Services.  Termination of meal benefits for students without an approved application will occur on the following dates:


    Attached are notes in four (4) languages which explain to qualify for free or reduced-price meal benefits for the 2017/18 school year; parents must submit a Multi-Child Application for Meal Benefits for their children.  The notes have been formatted based on the date applicable for your school’s calendar; year-round or 180 day regular (9 month school).  Please use the school’s operational calendar.
    If you have any questions, please contact Food and Nutrition Services Program Coordinator, Meal Benefits, Kristina Ramirez at 754-321-0203

    Based on eligibility, reduced and free lunches are available.  One application per family is needed.  You do not have to be a citizen or resident for your child to receive benefits.  All information remains secure and confidential.

    Online Meal Payments

    Our new online payment website is New features and benefits of include: a dedicated toll free support line; free mobile application; eChecks and a reduced transaction fee of $1.95.

    My School Bucks 

    Cafeteria Supervision:  Administrators and support staff are present in the cafeteria during lunchtime.  They monitor behavior and seat the students.  Students must stay seated while in the cafeteria.

    Cafeteria Restrictions:   Due to School Board Policy, no food from outside vendors (such as McDonald’s) is permitted.  Students are not permitted to bring glass bottles.  Students who bring lunch from home need to remember to bring their own silverware, napkins, etc.  Food cannot be heated.  If you bring food for your child from an outside vendor, your child will need to eat in the front office.