Parent Involvement

    "Parents, as you are aware, our state legislators are currently in session. Included in this year's session are some proposed bills that will have major implications on us as a collective community if they are signed into law. The BCPS District has a website dedicated to educating its stakeholders on the actions taking place during the session. We have provided the link for you below. It is accessible on the district website homepage under Quick Links (BCPS Legislative Education and Action Online Resource).
    We encourage all parents to visit the site, read through the bills and contact their state legislators as they deem necessary. The information to contact the legislators is provided on the site.
    Click here for Legislative Information.
    It is imperative that parents read through the proposed legislation. One of the bills of particular concern is the Schools of Hope Bill that has passed the State House of Representatives. While it does not have a companion bill in the Senate yet, it could just be a part of the annual appropriation. This bill addresses persistently low performing schools. In Broward we have 16 elementary schools and 2 secondary schools that have been identified. If passed, it will limit the options available to districts to improve schools that have been graded D or F for three consecutive years. The proposed bill provides districts with three options (1) close the school and reassign the students to another school graded C or higher; (2) close the school and reopen it as a charter; or (3) contract with an outside provider to operate the school. The language also provides $200 million in funding to contract with outside providers. "


    You are your child’s first and most important teacher and your involvement is crucial to his/her success. 

    Parents are the child's first teahcer

    The Fourth ‘R’ for School Success is Responsibility

          Every parent knows the importance of the three “Rs”; reading, writing and arithmetic.  Some call them the basics of a good education.  But there’s a fourth “R” – Responsibility – and it’s also basic to learning.

          Well-disciplined students take responsibility for their own learning and behavior at home and at school.  They don’t have to be nagged about their homework or attending school because they are self-motivated and self-directed.

          Well-disciplined students don’t make excuses and blame others for their problems.  They make good choices about what they do and when to do it.  They are conscientious and resourceful…and they don’t quit easily.

          But none of this is inborn.  Students taking responsibility for their actions is an important step in becoming self-disciplined and it must be learned.  Because parents are a child’s most influential teachers, the very best place for children to learn to take responsibility for their own learning and behavior is right at home.

          A responsible child understands that his actions have consequences.  Parents can help children take responsibility for what they do by not letting children “off the hook.”       

          Don’t let your child make excuses for his behavior.  Talk about how choices have consequences, and let him “suffer” the consequences of his actions.  If he forgets his homework at home, for example, don’t offer to drive it to school for him.  Say, “I’m sorry, but actions have consequences.  You’ll have to tell your teacher you left it at home.”  Also, set consequences at home for inappropriate behavior at school.  As with all discipline techniques, the consequences must be consistently enforced, every time, or they accomplish little.

          It may take a lot of effort to get a child on track, to teach him to take responsibility for her learning and behavior, but it will pay off.

          Teaching your child such things as how to study, how to organize time, how to solve problems and how to get along with others can help him become more responsible.

          As your child becomes a self-confident, independent learner, you will have met one of your most important responsibilities.  You will have taught your child the attitudes and skills he needs to grow into a responsible and capable adult.

    Broward County has the Parent Involvement link which is available with information and resources to help you stay informed and get involved in your child's education.