Application Process

  • The College Academy @ BC utilizes an online application process. All COMMUNICATION AND FORMS ARE PROCESSED ONLINE. Applicants that do not have computer or internet access may call the CA Registrar at 754-321-6900 for assistance.

    • Applicants must check their application status online for updates throughout the admissions process. It is the responsibility of the applicant to meet all deadlines.
    • After the first wait list update, the online process to check application status will no longer be utilized.  All further updates will be done by phone and/or email.

    Part 1: Application

    • Complete a Broward College application online.  A Broward College ID number is required to submit the College Academy application.  Students that already have a BC ID number do not need to reapply.
    • A student and their parent/guardian complete the CA online application together.  Both parties are required to electronically sign the application for admission.
    • Students that do not currently attend a Broward County Public School (private, charter, home school, etc.) must submit an official school transcript before the application deadline. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

    Part 2: Initial Screening

    • Completed online applications will be reviewed and the application status will be updated within ten (10) business days to reflect if applicant has or has not met initial eligibility requirements.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.

    Part 3: College Admissions Testing

    Applicants who meet the initial eligibility requirements will see a status update requesting that the applicant provide test scores. These applicants may:

    • Take the ACCUPLACER test through the Broward College testing center. Broward College will submit your score report to CA. Only official score reports will be accepted.
    • Submit ACCUPLACER, PERT, SAT or ACT scores that meet admissions requirements by the deadline.
    • Applicants can only test two times within the application/testing window. 

    Part 4: Admission Notification and Responses

    • Applicants who meet the testing requirements will have their status updated to "qualified applicant".
    • Qualified applicants will be admitted unless the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of available seats. If this occurs a computerized random selection process will be utilized once the deadline for testing has passed.
    • Qualified Applicants selected for admission will see their status updated to "offered admission" and must accept the admission offer within the time specified.
    • Qualified applicants that are not selected for an offer of admission will receive a place on the wait list. Applicants on the waitlist will be offered admission in the order assigned during the random selection process as seats become available.

    Part 5: Enrollment Process

    • Applicants accept admission by submitting an Enrollment form online to the College Academy @ BC.
    • Admitted students must attend a mandatory registration session with the BC and CA advisors.
    • During Registration students will select their Term 1 classes.
    • Complete the Student Performance Contract.

    Application Checklist

    Use this checklist to ensure you have completed all the application items.