The College Academy at Broward College

  • The College Academy @ Broward College (CA) is a full-time Dual Enrollment Broward County public collegiate high school established in the 2001-2002 school year.  The College Academy is a joint venture between The School Board of Broward County and Broward College (BC).  High school juniors enrolled full-time in our two year program have the opportunity to receive both a high school diploma from The School Board of Broward County and an Associate of the Arts (AA) degree from Broward College. The College Academy and Broward College are accredited by the AdvanceEd. The College Academy opened in 2001 on Broward College's Central Campus. The College Academy expanded to Broward College's North Campus beginning with the 2015 - 2016 school year. Enrollment is 450 students.

  • Eligibility Criteria

    Application Criteria - Part I:  Initial Screening (must meet all criteria) 

    • Must be a Broward County Resident at time of application.
    • Must be registered as a 10th grader at time of application.
    • Have earned a minimum cumulative unweighted 3.25 GPA.
    • High School transcript must not reflect a pattern of grades that are a C or below.
    • Must be eligible to take the majority of the CA Learning Community Classes.
    • Record of excellent attendance and excellent citizenship. 

    Application Criteria: Part 2:  Testing Requirements

    Qualifying test scores on the three sections of the ACCUPLACER, PERT, SAT, or ACT.  Scores must be within two years.  Applicants can only test two times within the application/testing window. 


    Interim scores for test dates on or before October 24, 2022

    Reading Comprehension 245 - 300
    Writing 245 - 300
    Math 259 - 300

    Revised scores for test dates on or after October 25, 2022

    Reading Comprehension 256 - 300
    Writing 253 - 300
    Math 267 - 300


    Reading  106 - 150
    Writing 103 - 150
    Math 123 - 150


    ACT Math 21+
    ACT English 17+
    ACT Reading 19+


    SAT Math 26.5+
    SAT Reading 24+
    SAT Writing 25+

    Scores must be within 2 years.

    Final Eligibility Criteria: Part 3 - Continue to Meet Admissions Criteria

    The offer of admission is contingent upon students maintaining academic, attendance, and behavioral qualifications through the beginning of the Fall term in August. If changes occur to the information used to process an application (behavior/discipline, attendance, unweighted CUM GPA) between the time of application and the beginning of the Fall term, it is the student's responsibility to immediately notify College Academy in writing. Submit a written notification to the CA Admissions Coordinator  Lynde Voet . Failure to immediately disclose this information may result in College Academy rescinding the offer of admission. 

    Final Transcripts must reflect Geometry and World History prior to fall admissions. Students must complete any missing required course work (such as FLVS/BVS) prior to fall admissions.

  • Students With Academic Accommodations

    Students with accommodation that are admitted to the College Academy (ESE and 504 students) do very well here.  CA@BC serves as a bridge between the services received at traditional high schools and the accommodations, they receive at the college level.

    Accommodations provided to students at the college level are done very differently than at traditional high schools.  CA students are full time college students and take all college courses.  Accommodations in college courses are granted by Broward College Accessibility Resources Office only.

    To be successful at CA, it is imperative that ESE and 504 students:

    • Function as independent students
    • Especially when it comes to organizational skills time management and turning in assignments on time
    • The CA@BC ESE Specialist works to help students transition between what they are used to at traditional high schools and how it works at the college level.

    If admitted, the ESE Specialist will:

    • Meet with ESE Specialist in June
    • Provide instructions on how to request and receive accommodations from CA Accessibility Resources Office
    • Additional information will also be provided about how the services differ and all your questions will be answered.

  • Application Process

    The College Academy @ BC utilizes an online application process. All COMMUNICATION AND FORMS ARE PROCESSED ONLINE. Applicants that do not have computer or internet access may call the CA Registrar at 754-321-6900 for assistance.

    • Applicants must check their application status online for updates throughout the admissions process. It is the responsibility of the applicant to meet all deadlines.
    • After the first wait list update, the online process to check application status will no longer be utilized.  All further updates will be done by phone and/or email.

    Part 1: Application

    • Complete a Broward College application online.  A Broward College ID number is required to submit the College Academy application.  Students that already have a BC ID number do not need to reapply.
    • A student and their parent/guardian complete the CA online application together.  Both parties are required to electronically sign the application for admission.
    • Students that do not currently attend a Broward County Public School (private, charter, home school, etc.) must submit an official school transcript before the application deadline. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

    Part 2: Initial Screening

    • Completed online applications will be reviewed and the application status will be updated within ten (10) business days to reflect if applicant has or has not met initial eligibility requirements.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.

    Part 3: College Admissions Testing

    Applicants who meet the initial eligibility requirements will see a status update requesting that the applicant provide test scores. These applicants may:

    • Take the ACCUPLACER test through the Broward College testing center. Broward College will submit your score report to CA. Only official score reports will be accepted.
    • Submit ACCUPLACER, PERT, SAT or ACT scores that meet admissions requirements by the deadline.
    • Applicants can only test two times within the application/testing window. 

    Part 4: Admission Notification and Responses

    • Applicants who meet the testing requirements will have their status updated to "qualified applicant".
    • Qualified applicants will be admitted unless the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of available seats. If this occurs a computerized random selection process will be utilized once the deadline for testing has passed.
    • Qualified Applicants selected for admission will see their status updated to "offered admission" and must accept the admission offer within the time specified.
    • Qualified applicants that are not selected for an offer of admission will receive a place on the wait list. Applicants on the waitlist will be offered admission in the order assigned during the random selection process as seats become available.

    Part 5: Enrollment Process

    • Applicants accept admission by submitting an Enrollment form online to the College Academy @ BC.
    • Admitted students must attend a mandatory registration session with the BC and CA advisors.
    • During Registration students will select their Term 1 classes.
    • Complete the Student Performance Contract.

    Application Checklist

    Use this checklist to ensure you have completed all the application items.

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  • Broward College Application

    A Broward College ID number is required to submit an application to College Academy @ BC.  Students that already have a BC ID number DO NOT need to reapply.  For a guide to apply online to Broward College. Click Here

    To obtain a Broward College ID number by completing a Broward College application Click This Link.

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  • Ms. Lynde Voet - Admission Coordinator

    Ms. Lynde Voet

    ESE Specialist/Admissions Coordinator

    Email Ms. Voet

    Phone Number: 754-321-6900

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