First Grade Suggested Supplies

  • First Grade Supply List

    Lauderhill Paul Turner Elementary

    School Year: 2018-2019


    Ticonderoga Beginner Pencils (Wal-Mart, Target, Office Depot or Office Max)

    Fat glue sticks

    Post-it notes

    1 ream of copy paper

    1 ream of colored copy paper

    1 ream of card stock (white or colored)

    1 box of quart size plastic bags

    1 box of gallon size plastic bags

    2 composition books

    2 spiral notebooks

    2 plastic folders with pockets

    1 box of tissues

    1 large bottle of hand sanitizer

    1 container of disinfect wipes

    1 pair of headphones (to use in the computer lab and with classroom computers) * Sturdy*