Fifth Grade Suggested Supplies

  •  Fantastic 5th Grade!


     Lauderhill Paul Turner Elementary

    School Year: 2018-2019


    Welcome 5th graders! The fifth grade team is looking forward to working with your child. While the school furnishes basic supplies, here is a list of suggested supplies that will help your child get started in the 5th grade. Use of these supplies, from the first day, will assist with organizational skills and create a smooth transition. We all hope that your child is ready for this AWESOME ride through his/her “senior” year of elementary school!


    3 composition books

    2 boxes of #2 pencils

    • ream of printing paper
    • vinyl folders

    1 boxes of markers

    1 pack of pens (blue/black)

    • pack of highlighters
    • large glue sticks (per quarter)

    4 packages of wide ruled notebook paper

    • hand sanitizer
    • boxes of Kleenex

    1 sharpener WITH COVER

    1 pack of sheet protectors

    1 dry erase board

    1 pack of dry erase markers (per quarter)

    1 rag/sock as eraser

    1 pencil pouch NO PENCIL BOXES (Optional)

    1 pack of erasers (no eraser tops)

    1 set of head phones (very necessary item)





    Please encourage your child to read a chapter book and practice multiplication facts on a daily basis. Thank you and we look forward to educating your child for a successful and productive school year!



    Fifth Grade Teachers