Dress Code

  • Mandatory Unified Dress Code 



    Students must wear their IDs at all times on campus and must leave IDs on campus.  The school will provide students with a lanyard and picture ID 

    • Pembroke Lakes logo printed lanyards are available as an option for purchase at PLE’s Front Office through our PTA for $3 

    Solid color “Polo Style” Shirt (short or long sleeve)  

    Colors: White, Royal Blue, Baby Blue, Navy, and Gray.                                                          

    • Embroidered Shirts are available as an option for purchase at PLE’s Front Office through our PTA for $12 
    • Pelican Pride T-Shirts can be worn on Fridays and are available as an option for purchase at PLE’s Front Office through our PTA for $9 

    Long or short pants  (no jeans) 
    Colors: Navy Blue or Khaki 

    Knee length  (no jeans or basketball style shorts) 
    Colors: Navy Blue or Khaki 

    Knee length, pleated or unpleatedtennis skirts with shorts attached, jumpers/overalls 
    Colors: Navy Blue or Khaki 

    As per Broward County School Board Dress Code Policy. 


    Items may be purchased at any location that sells standard uniforms. 

    Exemptions to the Mandatory Unified Dress Code Program 

    Parents/Guardians may request an exemption for their children from the current school year.  An application for exemption must be completed in full and submitted to the school principal within the first ten (10) school days of a student's initial attendance. The principal's response in this regard shall be transmitted to the parents/guardians via the Application for Exemption form within ten (10) school days of submission.  Exemptions will be granted when the aforementioned procedures are followed. 

    Rights and Responsibilities 

    Violations of the uniform program shall be subject to the same consequences as violations of the dress code section of the Code of Student Conduct. 

    All children must wear their school uniform on the first day of school.  Please contact the school if you have any questions or concerns. 

    Per School Board Policy 5309, parents may request an exemption from participation in the mandatory Unified Dress Program within the first 10 days of school only.

    For Exemption Form, click here.

    School Uniform Form, click here.


    All children should start wearing their school uniform on the very first day of school this August.  Please contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.


    For further clarification, see the District’s Discipline Matrix that assigns specific consequences and is part of the school’s discipline plan. The Discipline Matrix is available to parents upon request. You may view the complete uniform policy and all School Board policies on the Web at http://www.broward.k12.fl.us/sbbcpolicies.

    *Indecent, suggestive, and revealing refer to exposure of private body parts and/or pictures or words with a sexual connotation.