• Meeting:  Tuesdays @ 2:45pm

    Advisor: Dr.Jacques

    CFC Officers: President - Taniyah Perkins  Vice President - Tracia Elliott  Secretary - Kiana Gurley  Treasurer - Melissa Townsend  Historian - Malaake Calixte  Parliamentarian/Social Branding - Will Pierre

    Kik Group Chat: Must join as a CFC member


    Events and Activities:

    • To be Announced



  • Mission Statement: The mission of this club is to promote forward thinking and implementation towards professional, educational and social goals of oneself, while maintaining the highest level of integrity, determination, and self-esteem.


  • Goal: For the 2019-2020, school year, our goal is to engage in field trips, fundraisers, and interactions with the professional and educational community that supports club members' plans and future endeavors.