• Welcome to Hallandale's Literacy Department! Our goal for our students this year is to provide diverse instruction that facilitates rigorous aspects of reading and writing across Florida state standards. We hope to create a passion for reading with our students that will not only help them succeed in state exams, but give them the tools necessary to become passionate readers in life.
    Our teachers include, Mr. Glassgow, Ms. Fox, Ms. Birch, Ms. Mack, Ms. Cruz, Mr. Jones, Ms. Young, Dr. Jacques, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Sturrup, Ms. N. Brown, Ms. B. Brown, Mr. Forbes, Ms. McNab, Ms. L. Clarke, Dr. Crocker, and our Literacy coach, Ms. Harris.

    We're excited to have each and every student aboard our journey to charge forward into literary success!

    In Service to Children,

    Hallandale Literacy Department