Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

  • 11450 Riverside Drive
    Coral Springs, FL 33071
    754-322-8250 (Office)


    Below are a few reminders and updates on Riverside's arrival and dismissal procedures for car riders and walkers.

    Pick Up & Drop Off 


    Arrival Procedures 

    The Riverside car line and all gates will open at 7:30am for students in grades K-5. We ask that students do not arrive before 7:30am. Families are asked to remain in their car until staff motions the students to enter campus. Please ensure your child is able to open and close the car door, as they will need to be able to do this themselves for the safety of all. If you are walking your child onto the campus, upon arrival to campus, parents/guardians and students may not crowd the gates. Physical distancing will be followed during all arrival times. If your child needs to arrive prior to 7:30 am, please sign them up for Before School Care. 

    Dismissal Procedures  

    All students will remain in their classrooms until they are called upon or picked up.  

    • Riverside After School Care counselors will pick up their children from the classrooms and escort them to the appropriate after care location. Online registration is ongoing and currently open. Parents may pick up their children from the cafeteria door.  

    • Buses and Private After School Care Buses- when buses arrive an announcement will be made and students will go to the bus loop to board their bus. Courtyard Monitors will remind students to social distance and to go directly to their destination.  

    • Walkers and bike riders will be called for dismissal. Courtyard Monitors will remind students to social distance and to go directly to their destination.  

    • Car Riders will remain in their classroom until their pickup car arrives or until 2:10 pm where they will be placed in a supervised alternate location. Please make sure you received a car tag from your child’s teacher on their first day on in person instruction. The expectation is that starting their second day, the car tag will be displayed. Each family will receive two car tags. Please let the office know if you need an additional one. If you are picking up other parties, please contact the office for the procedure. 



     All visitors to Riverside must call the front office to schedule an appointment. Conferences will be held via Teams or telephone. At this time, volunteers are not permitted on campus. All ESE, 504, and RTI meetings will be held via Teams.