Principal's Message

  • Priscille Elie M.S. Ed.SWelcome to the 2021-2022 school year, home of the Players and Coaches! We are so proud of the enormous accomplishments of our students, teachers, staff and parents last year during learning and teaching through the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the year you will hear the staff refer to the students as “The Players” and to themselves as “Coaches.” If you are wondering why, that’s because our school theme is baseball. We believe in the principles of teamwork and coaching. We strive to hit academic home runs with our players.  

    Our school motto is “Teaming for Success” and our school goal is “To promote student achievement and celebrate all stakeholders in a safe, family-oriented environment.” This year, our school’s theme for 2021-2022 is “Teach like a Champion, learn like a Champion, going for the Gold!”  This year’s theme speaks to teaching and learning like a champion, derived from the Teach like A Champion book, by Doug Lemov, where we will be using some strategies to implement in our daily instructional practices. In the same spirit as this year’s Olympics 2021, we are going for the gold, with the focus on 4 key resources and principles that students need in their daily experience to dispel the “opportunity myth” also derived from research on what students need (click on the opportunity myth link): 

    1. Consistent opportunities to work on grade-appropriate assignments 
    2. Strong instruction where students do most of the thinking in a lesson 
    3. Deep engagement in what they’re learning 
    4. Teachers who hold high expectations for students and believe they can meet grade-level standards 

     As we begin a new school year back to face to face, we will continue to implement school-wide practices to strengthen and build on the skills of all our students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally throughout the year. We are dedicated and excited to continue to promote student achievement and celebrate all stakeholders in a safe, family-oriented environment!