5th Grade Supplies

  • Fifth Grade Suggested Supplies

    1 Vinyl Round-Ring Binder 1 1/2" to 2" (With 5-7 Dividers And Pockets)

    1 Pack #2 Pencils (Pack) Replace As Needed

    Pencil Pouch With Zipper Or Pencil Box

    1 Eraser

    Glue Stick

    1 Pair Of Safety Scissors


    Personal Pencil Sharpener

    Lined Paper-Replenish As Needed Throughout The School Year

    5 Composition Notebooks

    1 Box Of Crayons And/Or Markers

    1 Pack Dry-Erase Markers And Eraser (Replace As Needed)

    1 Box Of Tissues

    1 Pack Of Baby Wipes

    1 Yellow 1 Inch Binder