District Academic Options

  • Advanced Placement
    The Advanced Placement program created by the College Board allows students to complete college-level course work while in high school.  Upon successful completion of course work and corresponding exam, students can earn three to six college credits for each Advanced Placement course.  Credit for Advanced Placement courses varies based on exam scores as well as college and university requirements. Learn more about advanced placement courses. View our course catalog for a list of courses.

    Dual Enrollment
    Broward County Public Schools has partnered with Broward College, University of Florida, Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to provide eligible students opportunities in college courses while in high school. Learn more about dual enrollment.

South Plantation High Academic Options

  • This innovative method of academic study is offered through the University of Cambridge International. It provides rigorous instruction for all learners. Learn more about Cambridge.

  • Pathways of Innovation is designed so that students not only acquire knowledge but also apply it in a meaningful, authentic manner. This program includes project-based learning, web-based tutorials, internships, real-world projects and courses determined by the student’s individualized learning plan of choice. Learn more about our Pathways of Innovation

  • Our Career and Professional Education academies offer many opportunities in areas of marketing, entrepreneurship, and science with statewide partnerships. Learn more about CAPE.