• Internet Safety

    Students are expected to use technology responsibly. SB Policy 5306 defines the appropriate use of technology throughout the District. This policy describes how computers and networks must be used to support research and instructional activities in our classrooms, labs, and media centers. It also includes the use of the digital resources provided by SBBC and made available through the Broward Education Enterprise Portal (BEEP) for students. First, it promotes the use of technology as a powerful educational tool that is increasingly becoming a common part of every student’s day. Second, it provides those students who use these computers, and the networks to which they are connected, to act in accordance with prescribed rules and behavioral codes detailed in the policy. Several major provisions are noted below.

    The full text of SB Policy 5306 is available upon request from each school’s media center and on the School Board web site. You may view the complete technology policy and all School Board policies on the Web at: www.Broward.k12.fl.us/sbbcpolicies.

    Major Policy Provisions

    • Use of computers, networks, the Internet and online communication and information systems must be related to students’ educational activities

    • Students must recognize that computers, networks, and equipment used to support online learning are shared devices and agree to use Section IV Technology Usage 31 them in ways which will maintain their continued operability for all users

    • No illegal activity may be conducted using the District’s computers, networks, or online communication and information systems

    • Students must not access or distribute offensive, obscene, inflammatory, or pornographic materials, or participate in “sexting” (see Section II for the definition)

    • Students shall not intentionally spread, or attempt to spread computer viruses, vandalize data, infiltrate systems, or degrade/disrupt computer and/or network performance

    • All users of computers, networks, and online communications and information systems shall adhere to laws regarding copyright